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  1. If covid is left unchecked, we'll all be living in the ghetto.
  2. Aye, reckon you're right. Laying the foundations for saying things need to continue for the foreseeable future. Didn't catch it clearly on the radio, but didn't he say retail employees must also wear masks? Not just customers.
  3. Elvis celebrations should be way down the list of priorities.
  4. I think they both do perfectly well. I like listening to them and the science behind them. I find Whitty's uncompromising pragmatism pleasing because he's not going to bend to those with agendas or with a penchant for a good moan. Doggedly utilising the knowledge base, science, experience etc to deal with what we have.
  5. Alternatively, it may have worked very well. What would the place looked like had we done little? No one really knows, but we could all hazard a guess. I noted a South African policy early doors in all this: a ban of alcohol sales- how about that over here! A nuclear option
  6. Absolutely. Wonder how he'd feel about going doing a spot of cleaning on a covid ward with no PPE?
  7. Absolutely. The more this plays out, the more it becomes apparent that barring the odd one or two most countries in Europe have had similar sorts of results, even if some differences in approach. On that basis I'd say the government has done a reasonable job. No one perfect and all having to deal with similar issues. We'll learn more as and when countries have their inquiries and investigations. Can't satisfy everyone- clear from comments here, but balancing economy and public health must be really difficult. Was talking to the mother of a lady in the High depend
  8. We gradually got worse. A continual need to evolve, like we did under Sam. Burnley may struggle too, pandemic I reckon is making some owners think carefully about their spending. Big boys not so much obviously.
  9. An outsider for the drop- Sheffield utd. I wonder if teams will have started to suss them out.
  10. You'd understand if you watched them all. Do you regard yourself as a patient chap?
  11. Apparently, in years gone by, the folk in my street and adjacent one, would have a November bonfire on the amenity grass at the end of the road. Neighbours would lift the turf and set it to oneside, and relay it afterwards. Always struck me as being a top thing to do. No good if your AstroTurf is fastened down like
  12. If it would work, I'd put up a picture of Gary Glitter.
  13. Presumably that would also have some relevance to other respiratory illnesses like flu etc? Often seen Japs etc wearing them pre pandemic- maybe with good reason.
  14. A new one on me that- just checked- dangleberries.
  15. Just had a little read about tattoos in various countries. One thing I saw was that since 1966 its been forbidden to have head, neck etc tattoos in Denmark. An odd one!
  16. 🙂 I certainly could, but I hate the itch of a couple of day's growth. Not for me. My brother has grown one, and he's a caretaker (site manager) at a primary school...
  17. What the one on your... No way
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