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  1. Sister in law has been told she has "long covid". Essentially, like this lass, long protracted symptoms. Fortunately not as bad.
  2. Very animated and frustrated. Was certainly a bit different, but nowt wrong with a bit of passion being shown.
  3. Not really worth the risk, but if its necessary, I'd put a few flags under and around it. Or empty a bag of sand onto the grass to protect it, then scrape off after.
  4. Cheers for this. Very interesting. Also informative little diagrams as to the effect of wearing a mask on spread of droplets.
  5. They do quite well abroad in keeping the peace. OK, its different, but I think they're more capable of doing a job than given credit for.
  6. Aye, suggests that the pattern and style isn't fully functional yet, players still needing to gel and understand each other and the gaffer. I think it will start to come together.
  7. like I said, didn't see it, but as a lancastrian, bumble is bound to have a heightened interest and passion. Has livingstone got form for having strops?
  8. Iles pulling no punches with his live action comments...
  9. I don't think Crawford is the absolute dogs bollocks either- not sure he has the legs/engine, but he can certainly see a pass.
  10. That's what I dont understand. Suggesting virtually all riders are happy to take shit seems a stretch, if pressured you'd expect more to say "fuck off" and spill the beans. Would the same not also apply to some other top level sports?
  11. And was given plenty of time and support. Got better briefly, and then went on like a script writer off magic roundabout. Total loon. At least Evatt can construct sentences and a conversation. As for his ability: no one's happy with performances, but saying he doesn't know how to sort it is foundless bollocks isn't it. In fact what little evidence there is, suggests the exact opposite.
  12. If you're so good and worked so hard to get to the top, why would so many then be taking such risks with their careers? Doesn't add up, maybe the odd one, but are you suggesting its rife?
  13. Saw the "professor and the madman" the other night. Excellent. "187" last night, also decent and thought provoking.
  14. 8000+ of them paid up. Massively positive sign. None in the stadium, so not a single excuse can be lodged at supporters and the atmosphere in the stadium. Plenty of time to get things right and no panic for sure, but if anyone at the club is struggling or feeling the pressure because of a few tatty comments on social media, then they're not really strong enough to be doing the job.
  15. Agree generally, but keep parks open. Vital for exercise, fresh air and mental wellbeing. Just a few squaddies on hand to break up twat groups.
  16. Not quite that simple is it. As population is predominantly within conurbations, by definition the area/distance between them in big countries is larger. Somewhere like Britain, travel distance is shorter so spread is easier. I didn't know until a comment on the bbc, that Britons commute to work more than any other European nation. Not sure what exactly that meant, but I think it meant travelling outside of your town to work. Hence more likely to spread a disease.
  17. Know what you mean. Niggles away, and the adrenaline stops a good night's sleep at first.
  18. It has grown for sure. https://www.ons.gov.uk/peoplepopulationandcommunity/populationandmigration/populationestimates/articles/overviewoftheukpopulation/mar2017/previous/v1 Just had a browse through this. Population has increased by around 8 million in those two decades, with roughly (going off the graph) a quarter of that as a result of net migration. That’s a lot, and isn't sustainable, nor allows infrastructure and public services to keep up with such a rate of increase. Also inevitable that as density increases, so will certain crimes, and illnesses, further stretching
  19. Are you OK for combustibles still? Got a rather large amount of stuff at the moment, with some difficult to split knotted bits.
  20. Agree. Even if number were higher, there would still be too much for them to cover. I reckon the presence of a few military personnel might focus a few minds.
  21. That's what I thought, but was prepared to accept his view of things as I hadn't been in.
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