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  1. I studied (supposedly) chemistry and when it got to the quantum mechanics etc it was indeed a headfuck. One observation I did make was that the more the lecturer papped on the heavier my eye lids got-thus proving matter can be created!
  2. Just read that. As they are not available to buy, if we win, they could be worth a bob or two in the future
  3. Interesting programme on last night-Brian Cox presenting from various places with folks trying to use fusion for everyone energy creation. Some Americans reckonning they might have their lazer powered fusion plant sorted in a few years. Just got to make it a continuous process and bingo stars on earth and limitless energy
  4. Has the deal actually been done? SSN just saying interest etc. If we need the cash to bring others in then better asap
  5. Got dozens in the loft. Reckon they are worth more as insulation
  6. Good game, still feel our bowling attack is lacking. Broad offering nothing and Anderson a bit toothless with no swing. Need an improvement in consistency when looking for yorkers
  7. A second in incredible finish in two days... awesome. Hope we can get our competition following a similar plan. Great stuff
  8. That was a tremendous game with an amazing finish. The seagull was one tough creature. Really enjoyed this big bash, proper entertainment.
  9. The article doesn't say how much, but 3 awards of costs against him, plus interest I would envisage would be into the hundreds of thousands, surely the club would have used a decent law firm and they dont come cheap.
  10. Chelsea to thrash em. Gerrard to get sent off. Sterling to do a hamstring, henderson to get concussion. Confidence low and enforced changes
  11. Pity. That cunt owes a lot of money to the club which might have made a difference in the transfer market
  12. See Celtic talking to Dundee about a midfielder-maybe freeing up Commons to leave
  13. Good result today and good to see finn and anderson looking good. False dawn or cause for cautious optimism?
  14. like it! You could let her out occasionally to push
  15. What will you do if she asks you where do you fancy going on holiday
  16. in a previous incarnation spent many an hour chucking grit down up your way to rescue the german rear wheelers. A porsche round the corner on more than one occasion
  17. According to the Express (via bbc text) Commons' contract talks with Celtic have broken down
  18. Possibly so, but can't see it, especially given his previous with Peter Moores last time he was in charge. Time to move on
  19. They hardly score and hardly concede. Dull encounter with a late winner on the counter for the whites. 0-1
  20. fookin bollocks that-kids are kids and should be charged accordingly until they reach adulthood
  21. Asteroids should be on the national curriculum
  22. What a waste of time that match was. If Ipswich do go up, they'll have to improve massively
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