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  1. Leyther_Matt

    BWFC devolpment association

    Yes they do, quite a recent change I think as they were joined with Warrington’s lottery not long since.
  2. Leyther_Matt

    Todays Games

    Think they were a couple of years apart as I had different birds for each one Posted this one before but the Atletico game was the beginning of the end for me and my lad’s mum. She was kicking off at me going to the game on Valentines and I’ll never forget telling her that “Bolton Wanderers were there long before you, and they’ll be there long after you.” I was right and all! Accy have had a right go at Sunderland, been a far better game than I expected. Could have been 6-6.
  3. Leyther_Matt

    Brum away

    Our player now isn’t he rather than being on loan?
  4. Leyther_Matt

    Brum away

    Was the same at Bristol for the 33 seconds we were ahead. If you can’t enjoy the football for the rare moments like this then I’ve no idea what they’re doing there. Each to their own I suppose.
  5. Leyther_Matt

    Brum away

    1-0 up in stoppage time, fans can play their part in dragging the team over the line. Out comes “fuck the Anderson’s”. Thankfully the majority realised that the team needed the support at the time so it was over shouted with an almighty ‘Wanderers’ chant. Could tell at the end that the players appreciated it
  6. Leyther_Matt

    Brum away

    You think it doesn’t get better than a first away win in forever, then you see the magical “£1 pies” sign low carb can start again tomorrow COYWM Massive wraps to Donaldson, worked his bollocks off all night despite getting kicked all over the place. Weirdly one of the best defensive performers was Noone in the second half, especially helping out when we were a bit up against it when Lowe had to drop in to the back three. Not really been impressed with Matthews up until now but he was colossal tonight. Two worldie saves to tip one on to the post and then keep one out late on. Generally looked very safe on the balls in to the box as well which was encouraging. And finally fair play to Parky who got it tactically spot on tonight even though I’m sure the subs weren’t exactly the ones he’d planned.
  7. Leyther_Matt

    Brum away

    What a save from Matthews.
  8. Leyther_Matt

    Brum away

    Murphy has taken the last two corners with Noone left on halfway as the deepest defender. Work that one out.
  9. Leyther_Matt

    Brum away

    Not a bad half at all really. Donaldson has done a good job in leading the line; it’s amazing the difference it makes when it’s a half decent ball in to but him but even more so players are actually interested in playing off him rather than just watching the ball go over their heads. Noone maybe got a little overexcited with his two quick chances but he’s certainly taken on - and beaten - their full back more times tonight that he has in months. Connolly and O’Neil look a little bit off the pace and the back three is always a worry, but for once we do look like we’ve got a goal or two in us. Just about how many we concede.
  10. Leyther_Matt

    Brum away

    The minibus from Phoenix Nights has genuinely just turned up, coming up the stairs singing “fuck the Anderson’s”. I thought I was the idiot being here in the first place but clearly there are different levels of idiocy.
  11. Leyther_Matt

    Brum away

    Keshi Anderson and Kaiyne Woolery both scored for Swindon at the weekend and Tyler Walker seems to have got a few for Mansfield(?) Stick Doidge in there and we’re fishing in a pond two divisions below us. No wonder we’re shite.
  12. Leyther_Matt

    Brum away

    Might treat her to some tea in that Morrison’s near the ground if she’s lucky. Low carb, naturally. Last thing I need is to be driving down there after spending the entire weekend on the piss.
  13. Leyther_Matt

    Brum away

    Genuinely forgot I was going tonight until I came in to work to a reminder on my emails that I’m finishing early. Cannot be the least bit arsed going.
  14. Leyther_Matt

    Preston h

    Other than the goalkeeper, you’ve nailed it
  15. Leyther_Matt

    Preston h

    Matthews, Grounds, Wheater, Wilson, Lowe, Connolly, O'Neil, Ameobi, Connell, Noone, Magennis Subs: Alnwick, Vela, Donaldson, Buckley, Olkowski, Dyer, Pritchard

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