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  1. If anyone has any faith left in crypto, another one launching soon. Free coins for signing up here https://initiativeq.com/invite/rEK6QYOAm
  2. There isn’t half some crap posted on here at times
  3. And we still managed to draw - brill
  4. Isn’t that just the “mirror image” view of using the front camera?
  5. All sports are easy when you have asthma
  6. I’d add Murphy to the list of shite - as morbid as Lawrenceson and never calls a big decision right
  7. Looking at some of the older estates off Glengarth Drive so not a new new build. Doesn’t sound promising so far!
  8. My age has caught up with me and it’s time to move out of Manchester and head towards the country for a bit of greenery. There are some cracking looking houses around Lostock but I don’t know the area so looking for a wanderersways run down of living in Lostock. Will probably look to move again in a years time when I’m a Digitex billionaire. Cheers for any advice!
  9. As an added extra - ella eyre is supporting
  10. Is elbowing worse than kicking people in the face?
  11. Might have had too much vitamin D lately
  12. And one more if going space
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