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  1. Leedswhite

    Take Over

    He does know what’s going on, that’s why I’m so concerned!!
  2. Leedswhite

    Take Over

    Have it on ITK authority it’s looking bleak, can’t say anymore but very trusted source who is an expert in corporate distress / recovery really worried for the club I love
  3. First game after holiday - sorry it’s my fault. Not seen these players before today but so far the midfield is an embarrassment. Shocking half, no passing, no movement and 2 holding midfielders who summed up the half by tackling each other Onwards..... And if Murphy needs a lift back to Leeds, I’ve a space in the car!!!
  4. Shitest referring decision I have seen in years - the game I love is being ruined, might as well just ban tackling, yes it was a foul but red card - bollocks!! Like a turd that just won’t flush - hate Wigan as much as Tranmere
  5. Agree entirely with the comments on Fulham. They were bossing the game, could/should have pushed for a second and it would probably have been game over. However, their time wasting, conning the inept referee tactics ended up winding up the crowd and in turn the players - karma! Stunning goal from Alf, excellent display from the three centre backs against quick forwards, Robinson did well against the guy who moved like Usain Bolt. Special praise for Henry - he does all the things that we were missing - breaks up play, constantly niggles the opposition, fouls off the ball when needed to protect the defence on counter attacks and is the voice that chips away at the referee. Don’t rate him as a footballer but is a key member of the team. The record with him playing v him not is total evidence of this. After the first 15 minutes yesterday, an unexpected point, left the ground feeling positive, felt nearly like a win when other times you come away having drawn and it feels like a loss
  6. Maybe we’re going for the Tika Taka Barcelona style with a false number 9 - otherwise not a clue how that lot will line up!! Let’s prove me wrong 2-1 to the Whites
  7. https://twitter.com/andytaylor647/status/858700005636530177 Hope this works, not sure you should win a trophy for second but for those on the other side of the ground, this is the medal and trophy ceremony
  8. Wide awake, nervous, excited - head and heart both say we will do it. Bring on 2pm and promotion!! COYWM
  9. To all the 4500 Wanderers at the game - thank you - you've created another lifetime fan!! Been taking my 9 year old to home games since we were relegated from the Prem (he has a season ticket) but at times it's been difficult to maintain his interest, particularly with the journey over the M62 each match. We went to the game on Saturday, he stood on his seat all game, right behind the goal, celebrated wildly when we scored, and by the end was chanting away to songs I didn't even know he knew. All the guys around us were great, made him feel special and kept making sure he was ok. When we got back to the car I asked him what he thought- "loved it Dad, can we get an Away season ticket?" Brought a tear to my eye!!
  10. Brilliant, loved that season and not seen some of those goals since they were scored!! Funny how Scott Sellars goal at City was just how I remembered it, what a night that was Frandsen's first season - what a class player he was COYWM
  11. Left ourselves with too much to do after that baffling selection of Hall. 4-4-2 has been the way of things at home and led us to 8 on the bounce. Why give away the initiative to the opposition before you start. When we went back to 4-4-2 we murdered them, lesson learnt I hope. Having said that fair play to Dougie for giving us a chance of the play-offs, in reality a rebuilding season that took an unexpectedly exciting turn. I expect a far different team turning out at the start of next season, some I will be sad to see go, others less so. But as said by many it doesn't matter the division, I'll still be there cheering them on. Gutted and you realise how you miss a packed Reebok when you see what it was like today compared with the wind swept two thirds full stadium it's been for most of the season. COYWM
  12. To add a bit of fact ( I know why let that get in the way) he was the main man for Barnsley until he was injured at Leeds around New Year. Next door neighbours are Barnsley fans and raved about him prior to injury. He is an attacking midfielder, so think Dougie has seen enough of Pratley to know he isn't good enough. They are gutted he's not gone back to Barnsley. Dougie will have seen him play for the last couple of seasons. We need to remember we are no experts on players in this league as we haven't seen them for the last decade. Lets trust the guys that have.
  13. I support the Whites!! Like everyone else i had one of the worst football experiences of my life last weekend, but the reaction to it on this site (by some, ceretainly not all) was incredible. There has been so much hatred and vitriol posted at the team, individual players and management over the last week, i have found it unbelievable and refrained from posting at the drivel so as not to be banned. Today was what it is all about. True supporters getting behind the team, true passion from the team, great goalkeeping from a top keeper (no prizes for guessing who that comment is refering to)great defending (with some luck) a midfield that worked its socks off, and a strike force that never stopped working and came up with the goods (penalty excepted). The beauty of this game is the contrast between the highs and the lows, when the ball hit the net in the last minute, the reaction of the crowd, and the Reebok raising the roof - that is what it is all about. Born to be a wanderer, Bolton til i die, you can stick your part-timers where the sun don't shine, i love my club through thick and thin. Come on you whites!!
  14. You are a knob of the highest order. This is the same guy who in the last 2 games saved a penalty that turned the game in our favour and made a finger tip save from Kevin Phillips which saw us into only our second fa cup semi final in 40 years. Yes, he may not be the keeper he was but still have him over most premier keepers, you make iy out we have the worst keeper in professional football. it is people like you who piss me off. You are either a wind up merchant of the highest order or deluded. You are certainly not a true supporter of my beloved team, the clue is in the word support not moan, moan, moan. I have read the crap you have posted for the last few weeks and finally hnad to respond. Stop fucking moaning and finding fault. Rant over, feel better for that!!
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