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  1. Theboybell

    Todays Games

    Unused sub again
  2. Theboybell

    Transfer Gossip

    Think none payment of wages may have had something to do with his depature
  3. Theboybell

    Todays Games

    That the DJ that aske the lady footballer to twerk.schoolboy error if ever there was one
  4. Theboybell

    Bolton v Pie Eaters

    Last min call not to go today. Its a sad day but just cant do it.
  5. Theboybell

    Sheff Wed, Wed

    75 games with no win after going behind
  6. Theboybell

    Tv Shows

    Might be just me but love these Nat Geographic documentarys on How the earth was made and the history of everything in two hours from big bang to today. You have to be able to stomach the American Narrator's tho.
  7. Theboybell

    Bolton v Forest

    I have a few if you struggling
  8. Theboybell


    1-1 coywm
  9. Theboybell


    0-1 head shakes everywhere Vokes freekick
  10. Theboybell


    Shouldnt be missing penalties. Come on Bolton
  11. Theboybell

    Celebration of Craig Noone

    Rememer to stick it into their goal
  12. Theboybell

    Bolton v Roverrrrs

    Third win in a week this one. 2-0
  13. Theboybell

    Brands flogged to death

    Man City
  14. Theboybell

    Ipswich v Bolton

    2-1 Marshall x2 and Barry Knight x1
  15. Theboybell

    Diy Sos

    We kitted out a bathroom for a fix up in Bury one year from our company

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