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  1. The lad who got stabbed used to play in the same team as one of my lads. Always came across as a decent kid with a nice family behind him. Last I heard, his life was still in the balance. To say it served him right is an absolute fucking cunt of a statement to make.
  2. We’ve had lateral flow tests at work introduced a few weeks ago, to be done twice a week. Everyone’s happy, gives us and colleagues peace of mind... Found out today, that one person (union rep) has refused to take them. A few colleagues have asked why and they’ve refused to answer why. Young kid who works closely with said person, said the reasons they’re not taking the test (Union rep) are...they’re feeling pressured into taking it, they don’t trust it and that it’s a Tory trick to divide the work force..turn the staff against one another.
  3. Horwich isn’t a bad place to live. A few little scrotes but certainly nothing to make you move. Only negative is the CNR traffic surely?
  4. Stick and Weasel on City Road. Landlord was a massive Leicester fan. Used to let us sleep over and pay our ale on in the morning. Not one lad took the piss and we all paid for every pint/bottle. Cracking brothel over the road. Bacon butties every morning.
  5. I can’t think of a game that meant anything to me that i wasn’t absolutely totalled and my only memories are a hazy fog of ‘That was one of the best days of my life!’ Wrexham, Hull and Anfield are impossible to separate. I can’t decide whether I’d go back and experience the whole debaunchery or go back sober and be able to remember them with clarity.
  6. Visors! At our place we’re all required to wear visors as a minimum. The majority are wearing face masks. There’s 3 members of staff who have got doctors notes saying that they are exempt from even wearing a visor. I suppose the fact that the said 3 are the ones most likely to always push the boundaries doesn’t mean much. The vast majority are questioning the fact that wearing a visor has any negative impact in terms of health issues. The 3 in question are saying that it causes breathing difficulties. Am I wrong for saying that they are taking the piss?
  7. Nixon’s reporting that the French/American group have pulled out.
  8. “He lives in a house, a very big house in the country“...😂 As for Kula Shaker!!! Each to their own I suppose...
  9. Anyone taking 5/1 to win the league have been to hasty. I reckon we’ll be around 9/1 10/1 around November. We’re a long way from winning the league at the minute.
  10. That’s where we are unfortunately..the fear of offending people trumps everything.
  11. Rumour going around that the owners are in debt to some Far East betting syndicate.
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