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  1. Judge Fudge

    Take Over

    Mallu. He was there today. Owns This and That in Manchester. Posted a picture of Bassini and his legal team in his cafe after the hearing saying ‘Bolton’s new owner.’
  2. Judge Fudge

    Take Over

    There were a couple of blokes sat at the back who seemed to have the paperwork the judge and both parties were referring to throughout, which seemed a bit odd. That Terence Rigby was there holding court with a bloke who looked like one of the Judges at Bolton Crown Court (Morris?). Didn't know James was there but to be honest I wouldn’t know him from Adam.
  3. Everyone who’s put the shirt on this season has given 100%, which is all we can ask. To me though, the most positive aspect is the support. There seems to a a groundswell of positivity from the hardcore...the dickheads who are consistently slagging the players/moaning are either staying away or keeping quiet. If we survive this court charade I really believe it will have benefitted the club. Let’s hope this is the thing that galvanises us. We all know there’s clubs out there that wouldn’t let this shit happen. Bassini wouldn’t dare to do this at other clubs!
  4. Judge Fudge

    Take Over

    I’m just a piss head who frequents a few local establishments, been told that Tom Morris is involved in the consortium. Bloke who told me has business dealings with James and in my opinion isn’t bullshitting.
  5. Judge Fudge

    Take Over

    Looks like things are moving. https://www.bwfc.co.uk/news/2019/february/club-statement/
  6. Noisy eaters. The older I’ve got, the more relaxed I’ve become and not much makes me lose it..but people noisily chewing is guaranteed to turn me into the worlds angriest fucker. My lads sat next to me right now eating a butty and I’m so close to jumping up and volleying the fucker in the head.
  7. 21 arrested in Bury although no identification of the alleged perpetrators backgrounds https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/greater-manchester-news/police-make-21-arrests-part-15034818#ICID=Android_MENNewsApp_AppShare
  8. Wigan on left..apparently the Villa lads were after one of the Wigan lads who glassed a middle aged Villa fan as he walked passed their mini bus
  9. Most people just knew him as Shaggy He used drink in King Bill
  10. All white, English lads...got told the names last night From Blackrod, Horwich and Westhoughton
  11. Swansea 1984/5 Shit nil nil draw in Manny Road North but remember my Dad pissing his sides at the abuse being thrown at the Welsh twats bench
  12. Sure I got a few Matinique T-Shirts from a little place on Corporation St near to the entrance to Matket Hall. Can’t remember the name of the place..
  13. Stone Island is falling out of favour with a lot of the younger lads at football due to overkill, similar to Burberry and Aquascutum in the nineties. I’ve offered some really nice vintage stuff, 20+ year old, to one of my lads whose clobber mad and he’s turned it down. The fact they’re still wearable says a lot about the quality of the label, especially the older stuff. They seem to be aiming for a different demographic these days though with lots of stuff aimed at the Urban/Grime/Hiphop kids..
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