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  1. Not 1 bit absolutely loving it my friend.
  2. Tranmere fans going mad on twitter, get the bolton bastard out the lot 🤣
  3. I dont know the ins and outs of him but Todd junior obviously didn't like him, word has it Brown was working Todd senior out to get BSA in. I'm under the impression he can do a bit of scheming behind the scenes. At the end of the day I'm average Joe and this is just my own impression. Maybe someone will have something more concrete 🤔
  4. Exactly my thoughts not Whitehouse but shithouse
  5. Ands1

    Dario Gradi..

    Your right and name removed, you need to do the same in your quote
  6. Ands1

    Dario Gradi..

    Breightmet had a reputation but to be fare I think this was banter.
  7. Ands1

    Dario Gradi..

    I played under that twat Coleman and he was at it back in the 80's when I was a school boy. All my boys must have showers was his moto, I tell you what there were strong 13 year old lads there, mentally strong myself included and if Coleman had touched any of us he would of got a proper good kicking off us aswell as telling our parents. On the other hand there was weeker lads, good players but quiet lads and I suspect Coleman and the others praued on the weaker lads. Boils my blood this 😡
  8. Jemson, said on under the cosh that he came on loan to Bolton not for the football but so he could be close to home for Christmas.
  9. Played for Trevor Ball Senior at Breightmet United, Trevor junior was midfield General.
  10. Ands1

    Carlisle (A)

    Looks like Gilks could of done better on the 3rd to be honest
  11. Ands1

    Carlisle (A)

    Good job there's not a crew of Bolton fans there
  12. Ands1

    Carlisle (A)

    Fukin morais was available free until recently. Not being sentimental but he could of done a job for this season
  13. Ands1

    Carlisle (A)

    Games gone now, Honestly this is no knee jerry reaction but we are worse than we were in the 80's
  14. Thank you. Fukin Sunderland absolute shite club and a fukin awful part of the country.
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