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  1. Jemson, said on under the cosh that he came on loan to Bolton not for the football but so he could be close to home for Christmas.
  2. Played for Trevor Ball Senior at Breightmet United, Trevor junior was midfield General.
  3. Ands1

    Carlisle (A)

    Looks like Gilks could of done better on the 3rd to be honest
  4. Ands1

    Carlisle (A)

    Good job there's not a crew of Bolton fans there
  5. Ands1

    Carlisle (A)

    Fukin morais was available free until recently. Not being sentimental but he could of done a job for this season
  6. Ands1

    Carlisle (A)

    Games gone now, Honestly this is no knee jerry reaction but we are worse than we were in the 80's
  7. Thank you. Fukin Sunderland absolute shite club and a fukin awful part of the country.
  8. Crellins heads gone, yes he's a professional player but beleive me the harder he'll try the worse it'll get for him at the moment, he'll be in the club houses after games embarrassed and ashamed I can guarantee it. Unfortunately he needs resting for at least till the New Year so he can re set himself. This will probably hurt him but I think its best for him, Ian Evatt and BWFC
  9. If your scoring 2 goals away from home you should be in the points come Full Time, once again conceding goals from our own poor play has let us down.
  10. Bolton always started with a quality No1, name me the last bad keeper that was Bolton No1 and you'll probably go back to Kevin Rose in the 80's. Not seen crellin play, only heard he's bad, needs replacing for the next game for definite
  11. Biro, morais on a contract till end of season, there you go pal get out there see what you can do.He'd tear it up that lad and would love ro be back at Bolton in whatever capacity. Lets be honest He'd be worth a punt now.
  12. Exactly, we are rock bottom, this is what I'm getting at and various people supporters etc will be laughing at us, the only way is up and I beleive Evatt is the right man.
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