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  1. If your scoring 2 goals away from home you should be in the points come Full Time, once again conceding goals from our own poor play has let us down.
  2. Bolton always started with a quality No1, name me the last bad keeper that was Bolton No1 and you'll probably go back to Kevin Rose in the 80's. Not seen crellin play, only heard he's bad, needs replacing for the next game for definite
  3. Biro, morais on a contract till end of season, there you go pal get out there see what you can do.He'd tear it up that lad and would love ro be back at Bolton in whatever capacity. Lets be honest He'd be worth a punt now.
  4. Exactly, we are rock bottom, this is what I'm getting at and various people supporters etc will be laughing at us, the only way is up and I beleive Evatt is the right man.
  5. I have got a grip, we've lost twice i know it'll come good.
  6. The conclusion is my own thoughts, Hill wanted to keep the job I'm sure of that, He was honoured to get it in the first place, he cocked it up with his rants and was told by Shaz at the end of the season thanks but no thanks, he's obviously sat quiet at home licking his wounds, won't give Illes an interview, he'll be chuckling to himself for our poor start you mark my words. As for the Andersons they'll be keeping an eye on our predicament and laughing for sure. Maybe I'm wrong 🤷‍♂️ do you think the Anderson will be thinking poor Bolton Wanderers what a shame, They couldn't giv
  7. I'm sorry but I think you've got me confused with someone else's post. I merely stated Hill & Kenneth will be laughing at us 🤷‍♂️
  8. I have patience and I beleive it will come good, I merely stated that Keith Hill & Kenneth Anderson will be laughing at us right now.
  9. Keith Hill & Kenneth will be passing their sides at us right now.
  10. Fare shout Byro, but if your good enough your old enough in my book
  11. Mcateer was just as bad, he was pestering Roy Evans to sign him when we played Liverpool in the Cup final
  12. Remi has been house renting whilst playing for Bolton, any time off he goes down to Norwich way which is where his wife's parents are from. He's been there since Covid began, he's trained on the seafront with a few lads and now training with Ipswich, no idea if its for him to stay sharp or whether he's signing for them.
  13. I think Sordell was a recent example to us, all he needed was a comforting arm round him, unfortunately not all managers are like this.
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