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  1. Ands1

    Taken over?

    That was Holdsworths fault as is introducing Anderson to our club
  2. Ands1

    Taken over?

    What's parkys opinion in all this 🤷‍♂️
  3. Managed Atherton Colls for a short spell as he rang me up to play for them.
  4. Remember being sat in traffic on Deansgate in Manchester with the bird at the time. Pulled up in traffic next to us was a white golf GTI with roof down tunes blaring and full of lads. Girlfriend muttered what a set of knobs, mcanespie was driving thinking he was on another level.
  5. Ands1

    Wigan away

    Good God 🤦‍♂️
  6. Ands1

    Taken over?

    It's a fukin circus, not sure what acts on next.
  7. I stand by this comment
  8. Relegated tonight unfortunately
  9. He's quality and at BWFC for the future, he will be ok pal, trust me
  10. Were they all on the piss last night
  11. Fuk me we were on fire first game of the season
  12. Steve Bruce ship sailed years ago
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