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  1. Ands1

    Walsall and Wembley bound

    Freddie bobic
  2. Ands1

    Hull away

    Were they all on the piss last night
  3. Ands1

    Brentford away

    Fuk me we were on fire first game of the season
  4. Ands1

    Sheff Wed, Wed

    Donaldsons effort ?
  5. Ands1

    Bolton v hull

    Steve Bruce ship sailed years ago
  6. Ands1

    Transfer Gossip

    It'll end in tears
  7. Ands1

    Transfer Gossip

    Clough back
  8. Ands1

    Hull Game

    Jeez open goal & Hull hit the post
  9. Ands1

    Sheff U 0-1 Wanderers

    Come on hang on in there lads
  10. Ands1

    Boro 2-0 Wanderers

    I have had enough of this rubbish now
  11. Ands1

    Boro 2-0 Wanderers

    Surely pulis won't be running it today
  12. Ands1

    Notts Forest 3-2 Wanderers

    Stop shipping goals away and for us to score more than them
  13. Ands1

    Notts Forest 3-2 Wanderers

    E I e I e I o up the football league we go
  14. Ands1

    Preston 0-0 Wanderers

    Alnwick got better as the game went on but we could of been 2 nil down and out of the game because of him. Their keeper Maxwell oozed confidence collected everything and he looked unflappable, maybe we didn't pressure him enough?

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