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  1. You under qualified for the job Spider ?
  2. At work so had to suffer the iFollow commentary but seems we are still running out of ideas for long spells. December will be interesting, we need to beat Port Vale and Walsall and then get 2 points at least from Cheltenham, Tranmere and Carlisle who are on decent runs then we can gauge how good Evatt is since he found Parky’s copy of Football Coaching for Dummies. If we are top 6 then there will need to reinforce otherwise we will run out of steam.
  3. Top 3 by Christmas at this rate !
  4. Normal service to be resumed, Evatt to spend most of the game scratching his head trying to figure out what to do and a final score of 2-0 to them.
  5. If he doesn’t win Manager of the month I will be demanding a Trump style recount.
  6. Was like watching Brazil, we will piss this league. Evatt should be managing much higher than 3rd Division. Don't like to say it but I told you so !
  7. Yes and I’m 6 numbers off winning the lottery, no chance of that either.
  8. Maybe I was wrong to doubt all you Happy Clappers after all ?
  9. Does the fact Evatt travels with the team, and does absolutely nothing on match days count as a non essential journey ?
  10. Sadly a 2-0 loss with us having to sit back with less than 35% of the possession again, not because Evatt is a tactical genius but because he hasn’t got a clue how to get 11 players to keep the ball.
  11. Would be a massive change to have a proper footballer in the team, someone with a modicum of skill rather than just someone who can tie his boots properly and run around for a bit. If he did come back someone would have to give Evatt a full instruction book on how to use him mind.
  12. Coming from you mate I take that as a compliment. 36% possession at home, that’s going to get the crowds rushing back when we finally can get in.
  13. It’s all about opinion, and I am not getting the “Evatt is a master tactician” bit like some. Really, really wish I could but to suggest we have turned a proverbial corner is bonkers. And you don't need to feel sorry for me, I have enough people around me doing that thanks.
  14. Doubt if there will be a Santos queue at our door
  15. And your happy with 4 on target, 3 weren’t really if you watch it again, at home in 90 mins. For long spells we got stuck in our own half with no idea how to get out
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