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    So that why they where all drinking in his brothers pub on Bury Rd at the end of the season.
  2. They stopped things like kids parties 5yrs ago as a cost cutting excercise, look how well that worked, and then the fan zone went although in fairness it was only a half arsed operation at times, and that worked well, so they haven’t really given two hoots about the fan base for years. Why dont they do kids for a fiver and then stick a unit outside the main turnstiles selling replica shirts, t shirts et etc at decent prices and try and create a new “club” like City have dint with their citizens scheme. It’s not rocket science ffs.
  3. They were great trips as they took the team as well on their “Supercruiser”, on some games the supporters coach and team would leave together and stop off at local chippy’s on the way home. You had to be a proper flask carrying scarfer though to join those trips.
  4. Did Bristol Rovers away on a Ribble coach towards the end of the 78 season I think, 9hrs there and 9hrs back but in them days it didn’t matter as the day was always an adventure in one way or another.
  5. I alluded to this earlier, in a much shorter post.
  6. Think you missed the comment as being a general one rather than fact, however Anelka wasn’t ever going to play for anyone at Bolton after Sam left.
  7. Anelka was always using us as a stepping stone, so you really think for one minute he would stay till his career finished. It was always going to be a revolving door arrangement that we benefited from massively.
  8. He didn’t and I am not.
  9. Sams football always fitted the players he had. He was only forced down a route when he wasn’t able to sign replacements for Anelka etc because by then many others, including Mouriniho at Chelsea, were doing the same thing and winning titles and cups. His football was always good to watch as it got results and we weren’t the turgid shitstorm we are now and have been for last 10yrs. And he didn’t leave us for Newcastle.
  10. And Sams style of play was what then ?
  11. Someone needs to put this on a full page of the London Evening Standard with Anderson’s and his restaurants name all over it and just shame the fucker. I don’t think there has ever been a more loathed man that him in the history of the club. I know 2 of the staff personally and the despair is now beyond extreme for them.
  12. Think the hotel may end up being a management buy out from admin, its has been mentioned before and Suzanne the GM knows some serious people in the hospitality game. Would be the best option imo.
  13. We are the first of many in this era, and many will be watching and trying to find a way around it but fall as spectacularly as we have. Watch this space.
  14. Thinks that's why the potential new owners will be targeting someone who has a deep connection with the club and respect amongst the football world.
  15. Please no, would be an even bigger disaster !!.
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