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  1. Is the wheel coming off Evatts fun bus, no attacking ideas just hit n hope.
  2. Sadly back to reality, and a bucket full of Evatt blaming negative fans etc………
  3. Red card has helped and made a poor team look like a less poor team. Will win this one easily now though thankfully and make Evatt look like Klopp tactically.
  4. Evatt can FRO if he thinks I dont support a club I have followed since 1975 because I despise his style of football and think he is out of his depth. The clown will be gone in 12 months but I will still be buying my tickets, shirts etc and even putting up with some of the not rights on here. I wonder if Sharon shares his opinion ?
  5. Yes, we had no chance of scoring for 90 minutes with his shite tactics. We won despite him not because of him. Thank fuck we dont have to sit in the cold and watch that shite. It will be nice to get out of this leagues and hopefully buy some real footballers with a manager who actually likes playing the game.
  6. If we can’t beat teams like Barrow then we need to pack up and jack it all in, so the very least we expect is a win. would be nice to score a few more decent goals rather than ones via a dodgy opposition keeper or dopey defender. Rah rah rah, get your flasks and blankets at the ready you mad lot.
  7. Historic win for us ra ra ra ………. Division One here we come now that the players have finally bought into Evattino’s football philosophy.
  8. Just imagine how shit Southend must feel.
  9. Crossbar played the best bit of football from us all afternoon, perhaps Evattino is better than think COYWM
  10. So it wasn’t a fluke goal, and then an own goal ? And Southend isnt like Benidorm in February ? Which bit is wrong ?
  11. Can we score another fluke goal and then get an own goal so everyone is happy clappy about Evattino again ? Back to reality sadly.. And Southend in February, what a good excuse to miss this one. All that aside its a lovely day.
  12. We are going to piss this Mickey Mouse league with a coach the calibre of Evatt.
  13. Yes your right fuck all to do with him, especially the own goal, and how often do you post to your knob?
  14. Oh I was here dont worry yourself
  15. Despite Evatt we may now win this !
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