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  1. Scoring 27 goals so far this season shows he is so much better than League 1 and you rate him at 2 million. They have already rejected a 3.5 million bid. It will take between 4-6 million which we dont have and wouldn't spend anyway.
  2. Worth a punt? Goalscorer is needed, he's scored 22 in 22 appearances this season and i know league 1 is not the same standard of PL but still worth a risk IMO.
  3. He's different to the other wingers that we have, Its a different option. So you think he doesn't add anything?
  4. But all my point is that the goals we conceded were the players fault, not down to Coyle. But i agree Coyle's subs where poor, needing 2 goals and Davies and Tuncay are brought on for fire power! A worrying thing is our bench itself, apart from Eagles there is no-one in my opinion that could change a game or add something.
  5. Final 3rd we was weak, we had one shot on target yeah however we created more than one chance. Second half until their goal we were the better side, can blame Coyle all we want but we lost that game because of 2 mistakes which is not Coyle's fault.
  6. Anyone that watched the whole 2 minutes of them highlights will think we got outplayed from start to finish. Anyone who went to the game could agree that we were shakey at the start but we played better than what was shown, especially in the second half were i thought we were the team looking likely to score until their goal. Its no good for confidence when that is shown on tv.
  7. Anyone to come through the academy set up at Real Madrid can't be utter dog shit. He does have the talent, just not had the chance luck with injuries.
  8. bolton4lyf


    Coyle fears he may of broke his foot again ..... http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/16282674.stm? Great Talent, such a shame that he's had such injury problems at such a young age. We look a lot stronger with him at left back and he even makes petrov look better. Big problem with him out for a while and cahill going??
  9. Zola Alan Curbishley Ole Gunnar Solskjaer Brian McDermott Avram Grant Or we get Gudni Bergsson to save us!
  10. Do we want a good cup run to take our mind off the league or get knocked out to focus on the league?
  11. Anyone got a stream for the game? Fancy depressing myself for 90 minutes.
  12. Do you think owen coyle is going to look to strengthen our defence in the transfer market and if so who could he possibly bring in?? Personally i think we need at least a centre back and hopefully we will be able to keep cahill til the end of the season at least. A name that i would like to see is Phillipe Senderos from arsenal probably on loan.
  13. Who is this young lad who is our best prospect?
  14. Has anyone got any spare tickets (adult or child) for the game on sunday? Disappointed to of not any from the club so thought i would ask on here. Thanks.
  15. This season we have the singing end (north stand) and i think it has been a success so far. Now we have the flags in the middle of the stand and the big flag going around at kick off. So is it not time to have a name for our 'singing end'. scousers have the kop and MU have the stretford end so why cant we have a name that is remember. Anyone got any good suggestions? also whilst on the matter of singing, we should have a chant that has the north and east corner signing alternately, just like the munich fans did for the people that went. the atmosphere would improve alot!
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