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  1. Compo

    Mobile Phones

    Hold it in the other hand.
  2. Compo

    The Apprentice.

    Same as tomski I warmed to Michaela this week, had to laugh last week when she was calling someone a massive bellend. That Joanna has got a belting arse too.
  3. Compo

    The Apprentice.

    Never fancied it then Traf?
  4. Compo

    The Apprentice.

    Back tonight. Expect mildly humorous cliches from Sugar and Brady to look as mucky as ever. Just spotted there's a girl on from Heaton and a lad from Radcliffe. Early favourite for me is Jade but chances are she's a dirty red.
  5. Compo

    Terror Attacks

    Fucking awful news. Some friends of my eldest daughter were there. Knocks me sick thinking about it. Gutted for all involved.
  6. Compo

    Civic Reception

    BHS jungle camp ???? Was going to take the boy but not going to make it now. Hopefully the lads will have a decent turnout.
  7. Compo

    Port Vale 0-2 Wanderers

    #shitfan Won't even be listening as I'll be too nervous. Not even making a prediction. Will wait for the result to come up on my phone. Have a top day out all those making the trip and COYFWM!
  8. Compo

    Ruff Justice

    Like her at the window? Not bothered by exploding heads or them twats who hack each other to pieces in mudhuts, it's those gooks gipping on each other I can't handle. It's just fucking wrong.
  9. Compo

    Ruff Justice

    Let's just say nothing shocks me anymore.
  10. Compo

    Ruff Justice

    I'm more surprised this isn't a whatsapp video yet.
  11. Compo


    I've got the Sonos 5.1 system, two 1's, soundbar and a sub. The sub alone is fucking ace. One thing to watch for with the soundbar is that there is no hdmi input, optical only so if you're like me Xbox/sky etc it all has to go through a switcher as there's only one optical in. My switcher was only £20 but it was the dicking around that pissed me off. For music we use apple, £15 a month for the lot of us. Works really well through the Sonos app but for some reason you do get the odd song that won't play (copyright I presume)?
  12. Does anyone remember that one of the Muslims v the BNP or whoever during that BBC interview? Always makes me laugh when the bloke ends up with his suit jacket pulled over his head.
  13. Haha fucking backward bastards ???? They should be out tag teaming donkeys or something instead.
  14. Compo

    Snow Watch

    Panic over. My third year on mud and snow tyres without any snow. It won't happen.

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