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  1. Going on a stag do there next year. Sounds like it will be fun 😁
  2. All season ticket holders will be sent a physical ticket plus a link to download an e-ticket to an apple or Google wallet so either way we'll be covered
  3. It can be bought in the tap in Astley Bridge along with other stupidly strong bottled lagers
  4. Used to love the old Caffery's
  5. Old Slapper, Gold Digger & Dizzy Blonde. Stupid CAMRA
  6. dave2980


    Spurs have a cashless stadium
  7. Definitely, he was at Pune with Trevor Morgan and Aidan Davidson not so long ago. Just checked and it appears that Pune have gone bust
  8. dave2980


    They used to when we first started doing them
  9. dave2980


    Can't have been. He had left by the time the Temple opened.
  10. dave2980


    It was a yellow BMW M3 and TOMO lived there either before or after him
  11. So we're talking Local Exhuast Ventilation (LEV) to comply with Coshh? (welding fumes) Try googling the following for info/quotes Vent-Tech Ltd, Nederman and Filtermist or Google LEV installers. The 3 I've mentioned are very good though. We can do LEV but not at the scale you're looking at
  12. Metal or plastic? And how soon does it need doing?
  13. You might need to edit it again. He's signed for Oldham
  14. Buckley has also only signed until January
  15. 8 in total. 5 in the match day squad
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