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  1. I can assure you I'm not 😂
  2. You can get free/discounted parking at the Market Place if you're visiting the cinema. The Market Place car park isn't council run and has a different pricing structure
  3. I wouldn't know I've never been in the North or South upper. I suspect they'll have to have one to comply with DDA though.
  4. Use the lift like any sensible person would who has to carry owt!
  5. Errm. I was at Oslo Airport on Monday and while it's a bit outside of Oslo there were fucking piles of snow everywhere
  6. You'll easily meet that spec for less than 800 notes but as sweep says barryk32 is your man
  7. After Gonzo's last "food" video I won't be clicking play either
  8. I think you might want to put the warning at the top of the post 🤮
  9. You'll have more control over it if you heat the milk in a pan and add to the oats
  10. Yeah, they stopped adding the months you had left on your old passport to the new one last year so in reality your 10 year passport isn't actually valid for 10 years as for most places you need at least 6 months left on it. Robbing bastards
  11. I'm assuming the lubrication is in lieu of butter on the bun?
  12. I read that this morning. The kids are buying a bot for £20 and then using them to snaffle up all the limited edition trainers so they can flog them for a massive profit
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