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  1. That's a hell of a lot of Vitamin D! - about 2,000,000% of the RDA by my reckoning
  2. Could have sworn I read that it had gone up to 210 this afternoon
  3. One HGV had stopped to protect the car which had crashed and then another HGV ploughed into the back of the first one
  4. Thanks Traf. Is there a link to that or is it something you get sent as a travel agent?
  5. That was the first place I tried before rubbing my laptop with a bloon and throwing it down the stairs. I couldn't find what I was looking for
  6. Where can I find an up to date table of the rate per 100k?
  7. For us diseased boltoners, no not even outside. I was in the gym earlier and they even asked a girl (awesome body, small tits) to stop having conversations with other people
  8. You're not supposed to meet up with anyone anywhere who isn't from your household or support bubble
  9. The problem with that is that people see a number that's either withheld or they don't recognise it therefore they ignore it
  10. No. Price goes up after the 6th. No date on seat renewals yet
  11. They're not releasing any of last year's season ticket holders seats' until further notice
  12. Pete Tong kicked off his classical ibiza/dance movement at the proms with the London Heritage Orchestra. I love stuff like that. I go to a Haçienda Classical gig pretty much every year. Lucky Chops, Mark Ronson etc. Give me an orchestra/band playing music with a foot tapping beat, it's awesome.
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