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  1. Didn’t she threaten with her grand kids at one point
  2. Well apart from my usual dump in the morning after a session no problems to report excellent value for money
  3. Took no prisoners that lady like the dragon at the gate chicken & stuffing muffins went down well though
  4. Mr grey loved the decor in the bridge
  5. Aye fuck stoke, weird talking tossers
  6. Oh and Mr hardcore casino sneaked out early yesterday😀
  7. And they will have a good go FV & big Keith ain’t daft they know we will be a league 2 team next year and no doubt done future plans based on it
  8. League 2 all day anyone who thinks we will stay up needs sectioning
  9. No but he has conceded a shit load he needs a break
  10. Won’t happen overnight however mathews & Hobbs are gash
  11. Need a beer garden suns out
  12. Seen it, not the best vocabulary F in & jeffing every sentence
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