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  1. Wasn’t in terms of IE more how the tables taking shape runners & riders etc
  2. God help them direct debits of this continues
  3. it ain’t good ronnie for me the lack of goals considering we have last years top marksman very disappointed
  4. Let’s see after 10 games where we’re at no crowds probably the best for evatt at the moment
  5. Really? That’s very disappointing to hear
  6. Can’t comment on today didn’t watch but 5 on the bounce that’s shit and no league goals
  7. Need some kind of Saturday fix fella
  8. Not making a prediction but hopefully kick on from a better performance at Colchester beers in the sunshine whilst watching boro today
  9. Now fully busy at work midweek is off limits had couple of bottles last night and was nodding off on the couch but will have a few today
  10. Police little ott that day day after the Mrs words “don’t you ever come home in such a mess again” 😀 miss trips like that
  11. So have they released details about who shot him yet
  12. He get a 3 yr ban? Won’t do that bad no footy so far and get a year wiped off
  13. Wouldn’t put it past the police to start bans from the day crowds go back😀
  14. Did QOS 90s and Falkirk 2010 that was eventful
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