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  1. I’m probably out of tune with this but for me proof of funds means ready money, just like when you buy a house proof needs to shown of a deposit
  2. Just sounds more & more complicated all the time
  3. And that’s the question even if it’s bad news somebody just come out and say well basically we’re screwed until this happens and what implications it will have on us
  4. It was always going to get worse before getting better if it means having a club but potentially playing in league 2 season after next so be it
  5. And that’s the best he can do
  6. Correct Some fucker needs to give some up update on this, I’m very much tongue in cheek on this subject buts it’s getting a little close to the bone on time now
  7. Wonder if it’s one of those “ dont follow me follow Bwfc”
  8. It’s all set for prestwich kick off in the cup
  9. Aye perhaps that could be the hold up if we get slapped they may think fuck this potential league 2 club on the way
  10. Suppose the efl want assurances we can start the season
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