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  1. From his reputation before or you know this
  2. Taft, Hickman & darcy seem to have pissed him off
  3. Can’t see us getting anything beyond that I don’t know our fixtures
  4. These positions should’ve been priority from the off instead of wanting to go Barcelona
  5. FV ain’t going to fire him as it raises questions over themselves, realistically he will start next season
  6. Poor officials yes but reporting them is small time and desperate
  7. Not saying for one minute we will get relegated but 7 points off drop zone and a few clubs have one & two games in hand
  8. Very true as I said earlier IE can’t fire this lot up
  9. No improvement going nowhere this if FV want bums on seats next season they need a think
  10. Even more frustrating when £50 a month goes out for this shite
  11. He was pal but we can’t use that been beaten by a poor side
  12. Man under pressure and showing no doubt blaming the ref will be his talking point
  13. Give him time some say no thanks
  14. Yes been confirmed that
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