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  1. Makes no difference we are talking ludicrous amounts of money here
  2. Course they have outgoings like the rest of us but come on some of these men are pulling 100-200k per fucking week It’s ridiculous and if they had anything about them they would take cuts
  3. Imagine chino doing a daily covid briefing😀
  4. Even the advisors Vallance & powis speak very well boris got a good team going
  5. Yeah suppose he can be flaky at times
  6. No problem with Boris but I’d sooner listen to Hancock, sunak & Gove
  7. Nice one I don’t many what are I was unsure If my place would be able to pay without the government money but received my wage slip for tomorrow
  8. Correct just looked beat them away season after 2-1 with pedersen scoring had a good record home & away against them for a few seasons
  9. Whatever is decided it will cause problems
  10. He pinged the bar about 3 times pedersen goal scorer?
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