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  1. Make exception to a Newcastle stopover will dust my dancing shoes off
  2. For us train users that part of the country has seen big increases in fares over the years, boro last season was a packet i suspect this would be a mini bus job
  3. Good crack wasn’t it mate didn’t Southend have one in that hotel?
  4. Can only sell what they’re given top numbers twice in a season
  5. He will need to earn his stripes back
  6. Not missing anything better than boro but not a patch on Newcastle imo trains haven’t been cheap on our last few trips up there either
  7. Coventry itself was a shithole but that casino was a good lads retreat, payed for the day in that gaff
  8. https://www.facebook.com/214294968633113/posts/2436798909716030?sfns=mo tranmere hard lads
  9. Fans maybe a little tapped but to take 38k & 36k twice in one season to Wembley is superb
  10. https://coventryobserver.co.uk/news/breaking-coventry-city-agree-groundshare-with-birmingham-city-and-efl-meeting-cancelled-with-ricoh-talks-stalling/ What no casino next season
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