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  1. Not Snow White mr Jordan didn’t he have cash flow problems and wage delays not that long ago
  2. Our chief reporter is saying that the cut off point for deduction is 28th March anything after will be in league 1
  3. https://www.facebook.com/101219713369951/posts/1248183642006880?sfns=mo league table when we go bump
  4. Correct, utter dog shit drank by pissed up old men sorry mr grey
  5. Not the first and won’t be the last grand scheme of things I really don’t know why it’s got a mention
  6. That’s how they operate, they know the backstreets and short cuts
  7. Literally couple of minutes mate, that corner where I was stood they came down that cider was utter dog shit, bleeding paint stripper
  8. Maybe need a wardrobe update but these fuckers was right up for it
  9. They will claim a victory for when they came down a side street, 2 big cunts windmilling ,bolton lads went at them but more of the fuckers just appeared
  10. Schoolboy error did your phone get pissed through aswel
  11. Really looking forward to qpr, not the football obviously
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