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  1. Big John there’s harder down at Moses gate
  2. Ok il re phrase IE in the bolton news says no for tomorrow but squad for Saturday
  3. For sure grey has bought a donnay vest for Saturday
  4. Be a good party atmosphere If we beat Carlisle then morecambe
  5. Think sarce is back for morecambe he won’t risk it for Carlisle
  6. I took my mates lad (United fan) to a few games few years back he ended up getting a season ticket. Now it’s only a U12 £50 or whatever but with the other shite food etc it all contributes
  7. If we can get fans from other clubs down to our place on the back of this then great regardless whoever they support
  8. Great manager but it’s just hasn’t happened at spurs He’s probably used this super league thing to take the heat off and make levy look bad
  9. Bet the oil slags at city are liking this
  10. Seen the father & son flag on social media
  11. Yep spurs are one of them just look at the 6 owners fuck all about winning it’s money money money
  12. Might be the only chance spurs have of keeping Kane
  13. Take away the plastic armchair fans these clubs all have working class fans who go on this piss etc and follow their team must be hard for them if this happens
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