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  1. I was thinking 2015/16 when Phillips was caretaker, only won 5 fucking games and conceded about 80 goals
  2. Alright a grand😀 but you get my point
  3. Not normally into the bigger clubs carries more clout however... This is bolton wanderers in division 4 I genuinely believe if we can offer 2k but say Plymouth can pay 4 a player will come to us if everyone is on board this could be a great ride for new players facilities best support in the league
  4. Not knocking the lad he’s done well but when you think of great midfielders gerrard, Lampard & scholes he ain’t anywhere near that level
  5. Agree plus imo Henderson is an average premier league player who’s done very well for himself, they need a world class player in that midfield who can also chip in with goals
  6. The colonel has just about cleared his tab
  7. You paid for all 3 I didn’t break it down shall I send you a itemised invoice😀
  8. Been handed on a plate to Liverpool with city being inconsistent If Liverpool strengthen in certain areas they can dominate for a while
  9. That’s my thinking just had a look so far averages bradford 14k, Plymouth 10k & Swindon 7k then drop to 4/5k
  10. Coventry have done it a few times Portsmouth 6k Sheffield United 5k
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