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  1. I’d change goalkeeper Tuesday 8 goals in two games for Mathews now
  2. Sorry to be negative but this was always going to happen, and it will continue until it’s sorted
  3. Cracking set of lads them scrubbers would be stupid to have ago
  4. Looking at that mob any tranmere lads wanting a bit may as well stay at home
  5. Thanks for the text off a certain poster saying how much of a cracking day I will be missing
  6. Kitted our to the max all singing all dancing, still waiting for another invite😀
  7. Meldrew’s shed takes it to another level
  8. Think they give a few hundred tickets in covered stand, that’s where il be heading if this weather continues
  9. Be plenty of room in that stand for your flag
  10. Yellow yellow yellow old chants are the best
  11. radcliffewhite1


    Think they was league 1 when he signed but considering the gates they get it’s mental beckford was on 7k a week
  12. radcliffewhite1


    I thought that he ain’t a bad player surely could of picked up another club my guess he knows he won’t get that anywhere else especially with his injury record so stick it out and hope the club gets taken over to continue his contract
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