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  1. Anyway anymore additions? regardless of current form it will be a right good piss up
  2. How come he doesn’t play the young keeper surely ideal game & rest mathews
  3. Done & dusted my friend we need to put some monster fucking run together look forward to the euros
  4. Please just wrap this season up now
  5. 417 away fans nearly half the crowd
  6. Wasn’t there ample seats tonight? why would you go on the terrace in this weather
  7. Got offered to be picked up just can’t be arsed
  8. Wheater when we was last time in league one maybe
  9. Yeah suppose the injury list has grown since then its certainly taking its toll, even at the other end of the game take Bournemouths depleted team through injuries can’t buy a win
  10. Bristol rovers must be thinking how did we get beat of these men
  11. Has to be near the top as one of the dullest away games
  12. Think it’s Mk away on Saturday before
  13. Busy couple of months jan/Feb cant say I’m arsed about this one just going through the motions now
  14. Have a bit of Italy I think
  15. Probably would beat us as we’re struggling with injuries it’s a poor league as is ours But don’t tell me the likes of Ross county & st johnstone would tear us
  16. Why’s he not kicking on it that wank league?
  17. How much did gillinghams strikers cost though
  18. Hard to celebrate the equaliser tbh just wish this season would end
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