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  1. snowball

    Takeover - this actually might be a drill

    Seems i was right in my first impressions of Kane.
  2. snowball

    Picture from Facebook

    Yep from Tonge Moor area used to go round shouting "John McGovern"s Super White Army' - all the fecking time
  3. snowball

    Norwich City at home

    Just hoping that after losing to the top 2 none of the other 3 win. Thats all we can hope for until after next Saturday. Not much i grant you but that is state we are in on and off pitch
  4. snowball

    Takeover - this actually might be a drill

    Headline on LOV first day of the season (league 1 season) none of andersons summer signings can play because they havent been registered properly) what great support at start of season. Of course it was total bollocks but they got the clicks/attention they crave. Never trusted a word they said after that want nothing to do with them at all. I dont even think those that write such tripe are proper supporters and Kane falls into that imho if im wrong then sorry but dint need bullshit merchants state we are in
  5. snowball

    Takeover - this actually might be a drill

    You even started this thread with a 'its definitely happening ' post. Cant help yourself. Fwiw i think you and LOV are bigger cunts than anderson, Iles and parky rolled into one. Cried wolf that many times beneath contempt
  6. snowball

    Sweaty Ken

    Proof that sometimes the council just cant do right for doing wrong They have given SK every opportunity to pay and extra lee way for the very reason Micky D gave. A sorry state however you look at it
  7. snowball

    Another one lost

    No one said we will be an easy watch but all i want is the hope going into a game that we might just win, have a plan, a settled team , be able to string more than three forward passes together, at least create chances and not play for 0-0 every week. And have a manager who is not screaming at the goalkeeper to keep hold of the ball when a counter is on like parky saturday. Im not giving up on BWFC i see it as them giving up on the supporters they csn have my money but im not wasting my time till hes gone
  8. snowball

    Norwich City at home

    Out. Cant take it anymore. Hurts too much. One less ST
  9. snowball

    Takeover - this actually might be a drill

    Was told a few months ago Council was owed around £1milllion and rising. They dont want to be the ones that push the club over the edge which is why they havent pursued it officially until now. In an awkward position tho coz if other businesses find out they might try it on as well. Seems like finally lost patience
  10. snowball

    Preston h

    We would make graham bell look like messi
  11. snowball

    Preston h

    Fair enough that all much better than anything weve got. Just wasnt having it that folk only noticed pearson coz of his wank haircut all very good championship players who i dont think cost a fortune.
  12. snowball

    Preston h

    Yeah we did but seen them a few times and against other teams and always been impressed with him - very good player. So frustrating and hopeless today. Cant go through that again felt like crying at the state of us. Another ST holder not going while this mon is in charge.
  13. snowball

    Preston h

    If you didnt think pearson was best player on pitch then you watched a different game to me daft haircut and all
  14. snowball

    Preston h

    Nob End :lol: the last time they coukd gloat over us was the 1880"s. Been a nothing club for a hundred years and just started giviing it large in last 3 years. Now when was the last time they won a play off game agsin?
  15. snowball

    Takeover - this actually might be a drill

    Why did my hope rise just on the word of that prick? One day i will.learn Him and that rag are no.more belevable than the twatter/facefuck lot.

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