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  1. Lives near the training ground apparently and didnt like the 4 hour a day commute to Bratfurd . Tramp
  2. My Everton supporting brother in law doesnt like Vaughan reckons hes sn arrogant twonk with a bad attitude. Reason why hes had so many clubs and McCall looks like hes glad to get shut of big earner Given that and his age massive no from me. plus like BD never rated him meself
  3. Hart to Hart Sunday? seem to remember that signalled the rnd of my weekend when i was little
  4. Not really. They have more immediate money available and no restrictions embargo etc than us at moment. It will happen but hopefully wont hold us back too much .
  5. Results nothing to do with the quiet confidence at moment. Although might be a transitional period with a few dodgy results i think we are going to hit some teams like a train with our fitness pace and preparation. One of Carlisle fans reckoned their players were being furloughed until October which means they are effectively part time and can only train certain number of days. Dont know if this is true or how common it is in League 2. Think other clubs will be struggling financially though. Think it will be exact opposite of last season and our pre season will stand us in good stead .
  6. The Vic is for the not rights that cant get in anywhere else. Not recommended by longer term resident after i moved over :lol:
  7. Bradford fan on their forum reckons if we had their four strikers we would be happier as they will score more than ours! For the record hes on about Vaughan (most think hes odds on to leave) Lee Novak, Billy Clarke and wait for it Clayton Donaldson! Reckons those four can fire them to promotion. TBF a fair few Bantams remain sceptical!
  8. So Bright future - no15? Pre season all about fitness and for us learning the new system. Results irrelevant but things do seem to be progressing
  9. Whats that i can hear? The sound of inevitatability. Just like the Bury situation Tick Tock
  10. Case closed. Nurse Gladys wont be missed.
  11. put another record on now pal Thought you said the other day that the players we had signed werent up to the standard of the ones released? Now we have a stronger squad? Sorry but you do come out with some absolute shite
  12. That keeper Jake Eastwood we were linked with. out for 3 months injured. unlucky for the lad
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