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  1. It definitely wasn't deliberate, just unfortunate. The silence started and was observed impeccably by those at their seats, as you would expect. But there was still the sound of people talking on the concourse who obviously didn't realise what was going on. Then right near the end someone just coming onto the concourse shouted 'White Army' and that was that. Boos and shushes made it worse. No need to be ashamed to be a Bolton fan Carlos, there was nothing malicious in it although it did upset me at the time. Unfortunatley the internet can be used to spread all kinds of nonsense but it woul
  2. The inbreds finished above us last season. They are above us now (ok only by a point I know). He has managed to unearth a few 'creative' gems like Palacious & Zaki. That's all I can think of. Don't get me wrong, I don't think Bruce is owt special (like Whelan does, one of top four bosses my arse). I was just thinking back to when we appointed Megson. What choices did we have? To me, Bruce was the best option of an admittedly very short list. He was available, he would have come and ultimately I honestly think he is a better overall manager than Megson.
  3. After all Allardyce did for us I still can't believe the attitude of some on here. On the plus side- More than one season's top flight football, Europe, mixing it with the big boys, Jay Jay, Youri, Anelka, N'Gotty etc. Pride in being a Bolton fan. Best Wanderers side in living memory. Negative- iffy form for nine months(still better than Lee or Megson though), being let down by his big headed son, bit of a rent a quote. Oh and No Brains hates his guts. I'd have him back tomorrow. And I don't understand the logic of those who say Allardyce has lost it, we shouldn't go back for him
  4. I agree, he was consistently bad. The linesman peed me off in the second half. Couldn't wait to put his flag up for offside but didn't seem to be able to help the Ref decide over the two pens (he was in line with both and did nothing). Also gave no indication he'd seen the foul on Riga at all. But positives....... Jaaskelainen, Riga and Ricky (to a degree). Thought Davies was immense again but he needs a partner. Getting worried about Nolan, nothing's going his way at the moment. Think Muamba will be a good buy in time. Steinsson already is a good buy. Big Danny improved as the game went
  5. And some of you clowns forget that Jussi has proved to be a great keeper over ten seasons. Plus my original point was that to blame him for Saturday is just wrong and that some on here are set against him no matter what he does now. I stand by that. P.S. You don't KNOW how Jussi would have done, just your opinion. As I said, subjective. And I don't blame him for considering leaving either. I think after ten years he's entitled to think long and hard where he ends his career. Would you turn down more money in your job?
  6. Because I don't like a player who has achieved what he has for BWFC being slagged off by semi literate ingrates that's why. And before you say his best days are behind him, I don't agree. To blame Jussi for yesterday is bollox. There's loads on here who can't wait to slag him off. All subjective stuff like he's an ignorant so and so, he's messed the club about, big head etc. Always concentrating on errors, real or otherwise but never mentioning the positives. Some definitely have an agenda against our current No 1 and I don't think it's on.
  7. This 5'8" pip squeek wouldn't be arguably England's only world class striker at the moment then? I'm only bothering to reply to this due to a bout of annoying insomnia but come on.... I'm as disappointed as anyone and it was our finishing that prevented us winning but there are positives. We controlled the game for long periods, created the chances and if we play like that every week we will be nowhere near the drop. It just wasn't our day today. Our main striker went off injured, we missed a penalty, Taylor off injured and two sitters at least. I don't think you can be totally crap and st
  8. No he is not as valuable to us as McCann IMO. McCann may not be as skilfull as Guthrie but for me he earned his corn towards the end of the season. With the right balance in midfield MCann can still do a job for us. Wouldn't argue with you over the other two though.
  9. Completely agree with this. I also think this signing says a lot about what is happening at Newcastle. Ashley is not able/willing to invest much more so they are signing an unknown bloke from Majorca and a player who in all honesty is not good enough to get in our first team anymore. Plus I think James Harper is a much better bet for us than Guthrie. I can't say I'm disappointed at all he has joined the barcodes, good luck to him though. Nowt against him.
  10. Yeh must have been a season or two before then. Remember leaving the car miles away from the ground, legging it to try and make the kick off and being jeered at on the way by a few of the friendly natives. Thought I didn't recall a sending off. Anyway Stoke/Port Vale always dodgy places int' day.
  11. Was it the one where it snowed quite heavily just before or am i thinking of a different time? That was the last time I went to Stoke's old ground. It was the 'Branagan era' and it was a night match and we lost. Same one?
  12. I can't believe how far his stock has fallen in so short a time. Getting to the point where there would only be us (in the Premiership) willing to take him back? Obviously in the context of a Gartside departure/takeover. Everyone else seems set in demonising BSA as an enemy of 'pure football' whatever that is. The glory hunters who follow the big fashionable teams don't like him because we socked it to 'em and the Geordies will always stick the boot in now. Gets a bit much though when Roverrrrs think he's not good enough for them. I hope they appoint their own version of Sammy Lee. I still
  13. Anyone feeling nostalgic for the 'blood and thunder' FA Cup tie or a full and rockin' Burnden? According to my guide ESPN are showing the highlights of the Newcastle Cup Tie of 75/76, this Friday at 5.30pm. It might be billed as Chelsea v Crystal Palace in some guides but apparently our game is on the bill as well. I remember someone on here posting a link to the goals on you tube - what a cracker it was too. Other than that it will be the first time I've seen it since that day in the Manny Road, aged 8! I'm sure I had the ticket in an old scrapbook for ages as well. I think it said Bolto
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