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  1. MickyD

    Todays Games

    Enzo, Malcolm has hacked your account.
  2. I feel that about most of the "footballers who sound like..." threads but if you can't beat them, join them. Once upon a time we had a "Word Association" thread. Now THAT was fun.
  3. MickyD

    Speed Camera Watch

    I can only quote as I was informed while attending the Smart motorway meetings. They set the speed limit to make sure they never pissed the commercial drivers off. (Their words, not mine)
  4. MickyD

    Speed Camera Watch

    Definitely not the case. I used to attend the planning meetings at Arthur Bell Stadium once a month with one of the Rochdale Whites who post on here (free lunch) and the recovery company used to give us the statistics of numbers of breakdowns within the free-tow zone, low petrol, engine failures, etc. The police would give details of fines including level of fine income. ANPR was used from the start and wasn't dependant on lane used (or changed)
  5. MickyD

    Speed Camera Watch

    The traffic enforcement send it in to the admin office at Head Quarters with details such as date & time and the folk dealing with it have to marry it to an incident. The difficulty was the private cars used by fire officers. They had to send vehicle log books in to prove they were on duty and where they started the journey. All a load of The camera on Chorley New Road heading towards Horwich near the Texaco garage was always live. We got sent a copy of the two photos with three heads out of the window waving.
  6. MickyD

    Speed Camera Watch

    The M60 Smart motorway works speed limit cameras were set to 56 so that the already governed (to 56mph) HGVs could drive through with impunity. Problem was, cars sticking to 50 on their speedo got in the way.
  7. MickyD

    Politics - Not Interested, Dont Look

    When we sell arms to countries like Saudi, why the fuck don't the software writers shove in a hidden sub-program which they can tap into remotely should said weapons ever be used against us or our allies?
  8. MickyD

    Football Lads Alliance

    Did anyone talk to you?
  9. MickyD

    Speed Camera Watch

    55mph on your speedo is only about 51mph.
  10. MickyD

    Best and worst of the last 30 years

    Was C Taylor the lad who gave the Bolton fans at Rochdale the bird when he was subbed and we all cheered?
  11. MickyD

    When Did Stewarding Go Wrong ?

    Was it Marc Overmars or Freddie Ljunberg who smashed over the bar from about eight inches out?
  12. MickyD

    Football Lads Alliance

    Must be very difficult for the Antifa lot to try and wind up a bunch of ageing football hooligans who loved a bit of a ruck back in the day. In reality do any of the groups have any real interest in politics or do they just want to put themselves back into a situation where they may get a bit of a throwback to 1970s hooliganism?
  13. MickyD

    Celebration of Craig Noone

    Was thinking of something using the theme tune to High Noon. 5 seconds into the film and this came on. I laughed a bit.
  14. MickyD

    Todays Games

    Just watching England. University of Bolton advert on hoardings. #howunishouldbe

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