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  1. MickyD

    Hull away

    No wonder the fans never fancied Hull City Tigers then.
  2. MickyD

    Officially Christmas

    If she got down to double 1 would the announcer shout, "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmad-house!"
  3. MickyD

    donate /subscribe

    Is this here in case we missed the other thread on the same subject?
  4. MickyD

    Terror Attacks

    Oh, I can speak it, I just can't understand it.
  5. MickyD

    Terror Attacks

    And this goes back to my point that unless the uncovering of this extremism comes from within their own communities then we are fucked. I could maybe turn to Islam just to listen in to the teachings. Unfortunately, I'm not that fluent in Arabic so most of what they say would get lost on me.
  6. MickyD

    Terror Attacks

    Undoubtedly we need to be more and more vigilant when it comes to rooting out this evil but, until the do-gooders amongst us quit calling anyone a racist for raising a warning we, the law abiding citizens of the country are screwed. I don't doubt that more needs to be done to uncover the terrorist cells by those within those same communities; at least that way nobody can use the R word. It isn't going to happen anytime soon though. I hadn't seen Traf's response as loony-lefty enough to warrant your threat to have a straightener though.
  7. MickyD

    Terror Attacks

    Bloody hell S, quit with the threats. Are you trying to alienate yourself to just about the whole world except Tommy Robinson?
  8. MickyD

    Things your kids won't experience

    Did you misunderstand the topic?
  9. MickyD

    The Retreat On Cnr

    Had a burger last Friday in Manchester. I ordered a Haloumi Burger thinking I'd get a burger with a slice of haloumi. WRONG! What I got was a big bread roll with a lettuce leaf and slice of tomato with a slice of haloumi. No fucking meat! Do I look like a fucking vegetarian for fuck's sake?
  10. MickyD

    Holidays 2019.

    Or The British Isles, or the United States of America
  11. MickyD

    The Retreat On Cnr

    Roof slates... where pigeons have shit. Who thought that'd make a great plate? Or a plank?
  12. MickyD

    Parky to Reading

    KA could see a flutter at 6/1 as a great investment if it's already an all-but done deal.
  13. MickyD

    Mosconi Cup

    I stopped at Drone Racing a few weeks ago whilst having a flick through the channels. Part of me was thinking, "You sad bastards, get a hobby!" and part of me was in awe at the flying skills shown by the drone pilots. It was all staged in an American sports stadium. Imagine being sat near the bar in the ESL with a pair of "goggles" on showing the drone footage. The path for the drone to follow goes outside, up a tube to the upper tier, down the upper tier vomatory area, back outside, it was certainly watchable for a few minutes.
  14. MickyD

    Non League Chatter

    Got to admit, it seems a great idea that you can go to a local football club and become a large enough cog within the machinery to make a difference. I started going down to my local cricket club and volunteered enough to be able to make a difference. Makes you wonder, though, what your predecessors (the supporters) were doing to help before you got involved.

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