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  1. He's normally good for factual stuff and not a bullshitter even though he's a red. Have the labour party gone from the frying pan to the fire with the latest leader? "In 2009, the paedophile PJimmy Savile was interviewed under caution by police in Surrey and Sussex. Subsequently, the police referred 4 cases to the CPS alleging that Jimmy Savile had abused 3 girls under the age of 16. The CPS, after receiving the files from the police, refused to prosecute Savile and dropped the case claiming ‘insufficient evidence’’. After Savile’s death, and despite multiple attempts of high level cover ups, we now know that he abused up to 500 victims over a four-decade period. Why am I sharing this with you? The man in charge of the CPS at the time, that decided there was 'insufficient evidence' to charge Savile, is the now Leader of the Labour Party Sir Kier Starmer."
  2. Bradshaw Tandoori for 4 of us at weekend. Thirty-six fucking quid! Is it still supposed to be me feeding them even though they're both earning more than me?
  3. Yes. If a paramedic is on a "nice little earner"by attending a footy match he may as well be being utilised as a paramedic in his patch. The only thing preventing this would be a lack of available ambulances.
  4. With no tackles and no players within 2m of each other?
  5. And how many of the lids fitted the boxes? Usually the answer is none.
  6. Maybe two different people. I'm guessing there aren't too many red heads who aren't referred to as ginger as a nick name.
  7. Want it simply a resurrection of the abuse Kevin Francis used to get?
  8. Wasn't it after we'd survived the first trip to the top division?
  9. I've just unearthed a shit load of vhs stuff while on tidying duties. According to the labels: V Ipswich 14 May 2000 play off first leg Last game at Burnden v Villa FA Cup semi One just titled v tranmere (no date) v WBA 2 March 97 Coca Cola Cup (I assume final) v Tranmere 23 Jan 94 v Villa (no other details) Free to anyone who can use them and has the facilities to do me a disc or digital file copy.
  10. I was once introduced to a lad who was FD's right hand man. Wer were in the Clifton Arms in town which my mate's mum ran. He was introduced as Ginger but had a red and white bob hat rolled up to become a skull cap. Is this coincidence or same lad?
  11. Didn't Groves date a significantly younger girl? Hence the stick.
  12. I think so too and that twat Shearer in the thick of it. I fucking hate him.
  13. That game at Newcastle when Shearer blocked Jussi's kick-out then pleaded with the ref that he'd held onto the ball for longer than the new 6 second rule. Cunt scored from the indirect free kick.
  14. I think this season will go ahead eventually even at the expense of next season being the one curtailed. That way they can put new rules in place to make it different from the start rather than as an afterthought. (Which would be the danger for this season)
  15. Are beagles the ones with the 40 a day smoking habit?
  16. They have masks with inflated bladders to take the place of the mouth these days
  17. Problem is, at the planning stage, you haven't aclue how bad it'll be until it happens. You can't put too much money into planning for this either in case it never actually happens. Talk about the planners being between a rock and a hard place.
  18. Got to be pushing late 60s perhaps even 70. Saw him at Rochdale this season and had a chat. I reckon he'd still take on anybody on a one on one. I used to work with his ex wife at Rockerfellas.
  19. Definitely worth more to the government paying full tax.
  20. That actually made me laugh. I can imagine you spending an hour looking at Chinese writing and seeing if you recognised and shapes from last time that particular word came up. 这到底是关于什么的
  21. You're the only one on here old enough to tell or understand that gag at a guess. (I asked my mum what you meant)
  22. Is a lack of PPE for the NHS down to government or is it down to the bean counters at the NHS who decide where best to spend the budget? And yes, I do understand that the NHS will ask for an amount and the govt. then give them less. I don't get how a very unexpected event such as this can be prepared for so even if they were given the full amount they still wouldn't have bought sufficient PPE for it.
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