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  1. Mike Ring


    Wish players had as much passion as Marsman, wouldnt be in the position we are if they did!
  2. Mick McCarthy might?
  3. been away for another drink to calm down a bit - more convinced we're down than ever
  4. I agree Alf - but i want players to show they care and have some passion
  5. SKD has been a fantastic player for Bolton (close to Legend!!). Should'nt be a starter anymore, but please dont slag him off when we have the likes of Eagles (Comstive better in my opinion)
  6. Lovely bloke but way out of his depth. The squad is definately good enough to keep us up, unfortunately he is not. How can 20,000 fans know what the formation SHOULD be, but the man who picks the team doesnt. His backroom staff (whoever they are) are just yes men, getting the bigest pay day they will ever get. We can get out of this but it needs changes now - either the manager goes (highly unlikely) or his backroom staff goes and experience is brought in (Peter Reid?). I'm pissed and wouldnt normally write on a forum but today is as bad has it gets for me, and i have been through the worst ti
  7. A gentleman and a true legend Thanks for everything you did for our club Rest in Peace Nat
  8. What have Sam Allardyce and Ashley Peacock (Corrie) got in common? Neither will be going to the Rovers Christmas do!
  9. Spot on! I expect all the missing fans will now return? I think not.
  10. Time to go I?m afraid! I?ve tried to support him so far but when we have an atmosphere in our own stadium such as last night, and fans are turning against each other, both verbally and now physically, we can?t allow it to go on. We need to get back to standing together and making the stadium an intimidating place for away teams again. The only way to do this is a change of management (perhaps we may even get back some of the 5000 fans who wont go again until he is sacked? But I wont hold my breath!)
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