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  1. Dave Higsons Co Commentator at Burnden for the Roadrunner Videos
  2. Leicester away first game back in the premier league. Seem to remember that being a good one with Nolan running the full length of the away end.
  3. Played against Phil Neville for school. We won 5-1 and I scored a beauty of a free kick from the edge of the box! Also played with and against Graeme Allen who went on to play for Everton and Tranmere....but not sure you'd class him as a famous footballer.
  4. Blimey, forgot he played for Newcastle. Was thinking he'd have got one at West Ham.
  5. Matt Clarkes save from David Healey in the play off final against Preston.
  6. According to an Oldham fan I know he's not been named in the squad for their game tomorrow.
  7. The day we were effectively safe from relegation?
  8. Think we might have been sat next to you Fruitbat on Saturday afternoon in the North Upper after my young one also won the Frontline Competition. He absolutely loved the whole experience to. He's only 6 and I was thinking that he might have bottled going on the pitch, but the Wanderers staff were brilliant with him. He loved being able to stand pitchside before the game. Ricketts said hello to him as he ran off after warming up. But the best thing he said about his day was passing his ball to Super Kev. He was absolutely beaming when he was brought up to his seat and was asking straight away if he could do it again.
  9. Could Muamba play at centre back as a last resort? Can break play up, not a bad header of the ball....and he can just hoof it away rather than look uncomfortable trying to play his way out of trouble.
  10. I can't think of any bad tackles that we made over the 2 games, even Robinson on Fabregas wasn't as bad as the little Spaniard made of it. By far the two worse tackles were by Arsenal. Gallas last night and the Rosicky tackle on Klasnic off the ball. Sure Wenger couldn't have missed that one, it was right in front of him.
  11. Theres only one Ricky van Wolfswinkel............. Its got a ring to it! Sign him up
  12. 1-0 down to United and end up winning 2-1 thanks to Nolan and Ricketts. Plus a unbelievable double save from Jussi. If I remember rightly we were the first team to come from behind and beat them at Old Trafford either since the start of the Premier League or for a good few years anyway
  13. I assume they've upgraded the stand we were in last time seeing as though they're charging ?35. I'll expect a nice heated cushioned seat for that and not the wooden ones.
  14. See that the Blackburn away game has been moved to a Monday night for ESPN
  15. I just have a horrible feeling that If Megson was to go now, that Gareth Southgate would be on Gartsides wanted list. Young English manger and currently out of work and therefore we wouldn't have to pay compensation. I'm sure the majority of fans wouldn't want him but that didn't stop Megson being appointed. Question is will Gartside have learnt about jumping in with both feet on his last 2 appointments...Lee and Megson?
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