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  1. Radcliffe has one as well
  2. Regular we see people in the summer driving through the Alps in the alpha Romeo with the roof down, it’s just got to be done.
  3. Have you got any gloves, I always feel a bit left out when I turn up at away games.
  4. The hospital in France decided not to do the drain due to the risk of infection, now 5 weeks on still in pain and struggling to take a full breath. Had a CT scan on Saturday and back tomorrow for the results.
  5. I know been a bad year for injuries, this here collapsed lung is being a bit of a fucker to sort.
  6. We are up in the Alps so out there for 10 weeks in the winter skiing, then 4 weeks in the summer cycling and walking.
  7. It goes past our place in France on Thursday, gutted at not being there to watch. It should be another good day with some hard climbing to be done.
  8. I came off my bike 5 weeks ago cycling down an alpine road, after spending 4 days in hospital I can confirm it does hurt when you hit the tarmac.
  9. That was my thoughts, I remember the days when this at would of prompted 2 pages of smutty comments within minutes.
  10. So we have now done 7 days of this quarantine, not a big issue as I can work from home and we did an online shop. The problem I see with the system is that we were in a small village in the Alps there has not been any reported cases of Covid 19 within 50 miles, we drive there and use Eurotunnel for the crossing so have virtually no contact with anybody during the journey, yet on our return we have to self isolate for 14 days. Some friends of our have just returned one family from the Algarve and the other from Greece both flew Ryanair, pictures on Facebook of them in bars and restaurants and o
  11. When they rang us it was on the landline even though we had given the mobiles as the main number, like you say just answer thr phone and avoid a knock at the door and maybe a fine. They don't have enough manpower to keep doing checks so we were expecting a phone call at some point.
  12. £1,000 fine going up to £3,200 for repeat offenders, we only got back from France on Tuesday and already had a phone call to check that we were aware we had to self isolate.
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