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  1. My wife had a telephone consultation last week with the consultant she is under at Wrightington hospital, his conclusion was that she needs more surgery on her leg. Baffled how he worked that out from a telephone conversation.
  2. 25 July is good for me back to France the week after. Radcliffe has just finished building his new bar in the man cave, looks the perfect location to me.
  3. I might stay in Torquay it’s a better night out and only 20 minutes on the train to Exeter.
  4. Count me in, need a day on the lash
  5. Doing our tomorrow we had to wait 2 months. We’re currently watching Queen of the South, done Ozark White Lines and the Stranger all very good.
  6. Fare play to Liverpool they have played some decent football, living in Manchester and having to listen to the City fans giving it the big licks I think this is hilarious.
  7. We’ve stayed at the McDonald Forest Hills at Aberfoyle a couple of times, great location for walking as you can access the Trossachs and Loch Achray forrest without having to drive.
  8. We’ve paid £255 including the dog, it’s normally about £170. Going to have a look at that frequent traveler next year. Where about you heading to.
  9. Yes they have even put the charge for the dog up to £40
  10. That tickled me I nearly fell out of bed laughing
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