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  1. Here’s part of the statement from Colchesters chairman In terms of fans watching the game, I think the EFL have created a great product and the revenue it is generating is gratefully received. It’s small amounts of income at the moment but I’m optimistic that more of you will want to follow the team both home and away as you discover just how good the streaming option is. And remember we are back to the broadcast quality cameras now, not the analysis cameras we had to use for the first two pre-season fixtures. Streaming Revenues The way it works currently is that the h
  2. Keepers positioning is a disgrace on all three goals. Almost like he’s trying to play a Neuer style sweeper keeper but totally lost his bearings as the opposition attacked. He’s only a kid so hopefully he’ll sort it out.
  3. I was refused entry last season for one game when trying to use the e ticket luckily had the card in my wallet so used that. So I’ll be paying the extra too.
  4. I’d imagine most if not all that haven’t lost their job will do the same to support the club
  5. Genuinely excited having listened to the post casts. You can see how some members of the current squad would fit into his Philosophy and structure. Thing is most of them are out of contract next week.
  6. Anyone asking for a refund should take a good look at themselves. We could all afford to pay for a season ticket at the outset so could clearly afford it so gift the club the money
  7. Guy I know is good mates with a senior bod at KPMG. He described Bassini as ‘the ultimate fantasist whose delusions of grandeur know no bounds’. This is all farcical.
  8. Really is no loss. Along with Zach Clough he never really pushed on from a promising start. Destined for a career around the lower leagues. Expect to see him at Salford if they get into league 2.
  9. This is by far the weakest Bolton team I can remember seeing. And I include the teams that had players like Barry Cowdrill and Paul Comstive in them. No leadership. No passion. No affinity to the club the fans or the town.
  10. No tears shed over those two. One injury prone, the other too slow and can't make simple passes. We'll miss Mills presence at corners though. He's always a danger. Imagine he'll free up a big chunk of wages too
  11. Met him once( it was in a private club in London -James on James Street I think, where we'd had an event in the day) and he was so far up his own arse I'm surprised he didn't turn himself inside out. Horrible man you'd never tire of smashing in the face
  12. Never really noticed what a great goal Nogan's was. Amazing day. There were some fantastic games that season.
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