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  1. Didledee

    West Indies Tour 2019

    Batting at the top needs fixing if possible before the ashes, a one off game vs Ireland is the only test before Australia come after the WC.
  2. Didledee

    Brum away

    Goalkeeper should be feeling good after that, great freekick for the goal and header.
  3. Didledee

    West Indies Tour 2019

    Wood on fire
  4. Didledee

    Todays Games

    This is Chelsea getting destroyed, not helping themselves though.
  5. Didledee

    Todays Games

    Aguero misses one of the worst sitters ever and then scores a wonder strike.
  6. Didledee

    Todays Games

    Always wanted Newport to lose after what happened to Chungy,
  7. Didledee

    Brizzle AWAY Part 2

    Yeah you're right.
  8. Didledee

    Brizzle AWAY Part 2

    If our luck was in, the last minute chance for JM goes in instead of skimming of his head, his knockdown finds a white shirt for a tap in and also when the a cross came in and narrowly missed beevers.
  9. Didledee

    Brizzle AWAY Part 2

    No way should both of their goalshave happened, terrible defending, terrible ref and I reckon one of their players who shot instead of squaring it for an easy third will be getting some grief at half time for being greedy Bolton's keeper looks really dodgy, still in it, Noone as had a lot of space twice in that half, right before their 2nd and later on but the Polish lad didn't look up. Lovely skill by the young lad to get away from a couple of players.
  10. Didledee

    Brizzle AWAY Part 2

    What a cross and finish that was, well played.
  11. Didledee

    WBA home

    Chances for both teams in the first 5 minutes Their goal was offside They should have had a penalty The build up to Ameobi's shot that was well saved was very good
  12. Didledee

    Todays Games

    You guys seen Bellerins knee injury, pretty gross to see.
  13. Didledee

    Todays Games

    Lloris made a few saves but De Gea kept it from being a huge win for Spurs, save after save.
  14. Didledee

    Todays Games

    Bolton had enough chances 2nd half vs Walsall to get about 8, any team would want to get 10 if they had time, very rare
  15. Didledee

    Walsall and Wembley bound

    16:55 BOLTON 5-2 WALSALL FT: What a second half at the University of Bolton Stadium as a Josh Magennis hat-trick gives Bolton their first win in all competitions since September. Sky reporter not very itk.

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