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  1. Thermostats don't take account of the high atmospheric pressure mornings in spring or summer where the heating would kick in but be off before getting out of bed time. You need a self-adaptive optimiser for that and they're not common for domestic installations
  2. How do you rate Dear Evan Hansen & Everybody's Talking About Jamie?
  3. Girl From The North Country is the last thing I saw just before lockdown 1, fantastic. I was also extremely surprised to like Legally Blonde the musical - went with neice 2 who's planning on doing a degree in musical theatre. My favourite musical is Once More, With Feeling And I've never seen a James Bond film.
  4. You obviously don't know what it's like growing up in a large family in the 70s where every penny is accounted for, and all food is eaten, not thrown away as that would be a waste - it's not just being on heroin that makes you poor, having a job that doesn't pay massively well and being a catholic does the same. Incidentally, there's nothing wrong with pasta with butter - it's just like pasta with olive oil, which is served in any decent Italian restaurant.
  5. I always do tennis ball rolling when sitting down at my desk, little & often.
  6. It was the circular part that made it work well, and it was obviously well.before they'd invented wholemeal bread, the only brown loaf was Hovis.
  7. We used to have fried spaghetti on a Saturday morning, if there was any spaghetti left over from Friday night tea. Spaghetti on Blackpool milk roll, with the spaghetti on the dente side of al dente, is the posher version of pot noodle baguette that the person stirring the spaghetti was allowed to make.
  8. It's in hand, very very soon... you have no idea how difficult it is to rescue 2 at the moment though
  9. Both ours died last year, one at 17 (boy) the other at 20 (girl). We were still waiting for the girl to put her hand in her pocket & take us to the pub.
  10. Our cat was on gabapentin up until she died. Didn't put any weight on, in fact she lost a fair bit.
  11. I know you did. This is from the MEN, not a Sussex MP.
  12. People from Greater Manchester offered coronavirus test absolutely MILES away https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/greater-manchester-news/tried-book-test-nearest-one-18878425#ICID=Android_MENNewsApp_AppShare
  13. That skylink bridge was the one I was saying about that came out by St Pat's on Gt Moor St, you can see the signal box in the foreground. And Micky was correct about the subway coming out behind shops on Newport St, which is why all the females that I knew preferred to take their chances crossing the road at surface level rather than risk being raped & murdered in the subway.
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