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  1. Exiled Girl

    Holidays 2019.

    Vis. Formerly a military base where Tito kept his submarines. Whole island is riddled with tunnels. Only fairly recently been opened up to the public hence it's pretty much unspoilt.
  2. Exiled Girl


    DeLonghi bean to cup with a removable milk container so it goes straight from fridge to machine & back again. The Nespresso is used for the travel mug in the morning when there's no time for faffing.
  3. Exiled Girl

    Northern Rail

    If you look on the London Reconnections site, somewhere there's an article about why Tfl understand running a rail network (in short, it's because they've been doing it continuously for a long time - you need at least 10 years to get to grips with the potential problems). Here's another interesting thread Check out @garius’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/garius/status/1002853924531994624?s=09
  4. Exiled Girl

    Holidays 2018

    Blimey, Smiley - that's bad.
  5. Exiled Girl

    Northern Rail

    If you can, read this thread - it explains the whole thing pretty well Check out @garius’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/garius/status/1002527558599168000?s=09
  6. Exiled Girl

    Holidays 2018

    Bloody students these days, some of us slept in fields & on beaches, and scrumped fruit to eat when we interrailed. Have a good time.
  7. Exiled Girl

    Turning A Conservatory Into A Roofed Extension

    Bloody hell, we're looking at 50k plus for ours & no knocking a conservatory down.
  8. Exiled Girl

    Block Voting In Bolton

    In 1979 we were told, by the priest, to vote for the candidate who was against abortion. That was said by all the Catholic priests across the borough. Bloody Catholics.
  9. Exiled Girl

    1St Non Stop Flight From Aus.

    I know ????
  10. Exiled Girl

    Feminists V Trans

  11. Exiled Girl

    1St Non Stop Flight From Aus.

    787 not 777
  12. Exiled Girl

    Feminists V Trans

    As regards male & female toilets, female toilets are for women to get together and discuss how revolting the men we work with are.
  13. Exiled Girl

    Feminists V Trans

    "...a bloke just clearly dressed as a woman." And there you get into an interesting area. What does "dressed as a woman" mean? I dress mainly in trousers (and I have to for work) so does that make me a bloke wannabe? I've always wondered what's involved in the living as a woman for 2 years that a man has to do before gender reassignment - maybe it means that men have to talk over you for 2 years.
  14. Exiled Girl

    New Balls, Please

    She's apparently a whizz at Japanese railway connections. She's slowly moving up the rankings again but giving her a wildcard into Wimbledon is doing her game no favours, she'd be better off doing 3 qualifying matches to get into a groove.
  15. Exiled Girl

    New Balls, Please

    No problem. Btw, going back to Euston from Wimbledon, it's far quicker to do rail to Waterloo then Northern line to Euston than faff around on the District line.

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