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  1. We have to be punished for both those games. Last season we didn't fulfill a fixture and this season, we can't just pick and choose when we play. They should also be hefty punishments. I hope they are all applied this season and we can begin next season with a blank canvas
  2. We could do with a couple of home games this week so 25,000 people could donate £20, that would be a good start at least. I feel timing isn't on our side, no income for 4 weeks unless they sell STs which won't happen. Last Saturday really was the last chance to prove the club could be saved.
  3. That's my verdict too. They need to get season tickets on sale swiftly. Will be difficult to get motivated for the winter Tuesday nights
  4. They have a property investment business for clients. Lots of the Manchester TV stars etc I guess. They'll just be looking for a return on investment which the hotel will deliver based on the different models that have been discussed on here yesterday
  5. Pratley doing well at Charlton, partnered by Josh Cullen
  6. The payment plans have been important but also the season tickets have been really good value. £21 a pop in North lower becomes £483 for the season, significantly more than last season's ticket. It will be tough to maintain crowds on the much inflated costs. Even more so for the kids tickets.
  7. Yes. Apparently the courts hold emergency slots available for things like this, but will FV want to pay it? Yet another expense. Or could the administrator justify the expense themselves
  8. Who's paying the 200k? Or does it just go on the administrator's tab? This will be heard when a judge gets round to it surely?
  9. For championship and premier League football I'd say incredibly cheap. Always been teams one/two leagues below us with more expensive STs. Match day prices have been expensive though
  10. The problem for the new owners, or whoever set the prices, is that Bolton home games have been incredibly cheap for season ticket holders for 20 years.
  11. I was thinking this earlier. Would suit many parties for it to be behind closed doors? But we established last season that's not allowed by the FL
  12. In again. Even finally moving back to Lancs so as to not miss the mid week games
  13. Was hoping there'd be no pay on the day
  14. I reckon four of our starting 11 yesterday weren't required for the squads, let alone starting 11, of other championship teams. Only Ameobi would get in another championship side, on one of his good days. Given the championship is significantly stronger this season than last, in my opinion, it's a miracle we're not complete cut adrift, bottom of the league, like we were three seasons ago
  15. Anyone who can sell our ground out for us. Couldn't help thinking first half that we probably made a loss on yesterday's game before the prize money
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