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  1. I cannot imagine attending a game without anesthetic. Horwich is a better option than Bolton pre and post match but with dwindling numbers it has been convenient to drink in Spoons till 14:15 and catch the train now they are running on Saturdays again. The Villa coach mentioned by Marc505 was a double decker they pretty much filled The Crown but there was no bother.
  2. My beloved Wanderers are more than welcome to keep me and my missus money but I fully understand others may not be in a position to waive their cash. I cannot really explain why but I am very optimistic about the new season whenever it starts.
  3. Precisely Casino. If, and I very much doubt it will happen, this season is abandoned completely do Bury get reinstated as a third tier club as they were in August 2019? The potential for legal challenges are endless.
  4. Me and the missus plus friends went Fri - Mon Lincoln was excellent aside from the match being off but I did get to see England batter NZ in the guesthouse before going out on the lash.
  5. Bullard is a pain in the arse but in fairness my dislike of the chap has mellowed marginally following the Vlog.
  6. ianovit

    Take Over

    Hallelujah !!! That we have a club to support and that the horrible wait for some certainty if finally over. It has been so painful I had almost resigned myself to BWFC going under and having to find something else to do on Saturdays - I could not follow another club. I was sat at my desk in Manchester yesterday when the first of many texts then emails arrived confirming the sale had gone through everyone so pleased for me and for Bolton Wanderers. I maintain that 99%+ of football fans are genuinely nice people - every club has a few dickheads including us. At this point it would be
  7. Metro (yes I know) states Swansea V Birmingham is on Red button. No mention that our game will be covered. Got Sky Sports News on and it confirms same so sorry chaps no excuse (aside from travel difficulties) not to join the rest of us this evenings freezing yours nads off and chances are leaving hugely disappointed.
  8. Precisely spot on - it is what it is and thoroughly depressing but we ain`t totally knackered or cut adrift yet. WBA likely to be too strong. Reading next week for more important. Not sure who decides but I would have happier if the fixture could have been held back a week or two.
  9. 6.8k usual lemmings including me
  10. Gutted but Wanderers competed until second goal then capitulated. If Donaldson equalises then who knows. We are shite quality wise that is a given but the endeavours against Rotherham and Stoke took its toll once it was 2-0. Not sure sacking PP will help ffs Pep can only polish a turd so far.......... Get behind the boys Casino - my theory regarding the Red Button clearly awry - Sky Covered 5 matches this afternoon - thank fuck ours wasnt one of them !
  11. Can we not just cut him? - Sorry - Only joking I am not into violence but he very limited totally a one trick pony. Then again I was royally praising him for his winners at WBA and Reading !!!.
  12. Thomo was wonderful winger. I recall him totally destroying Portsmouth Full Back in first half and then his second half replacement on a Sunday in a 4-0 win. Pompey had spent 400k (big money for a second tier team in mid seventies) and Burnden crowd reminding them "What a waste of money". I did not have the privilege of meeting Peter personally but I know a guy who knew him and had nothing but praise. Sad day. RIP.
  13. Very proud of the commitment today - feared the worst when I saw Grounds v Ince but he handled the situation well always showing the outside. Joe Allen bossed the opening 25 mins constantly finding space but once we got to grips with his movement Stoke offered little. Brilliant performances from Vela given two fouls awarded against him within first 7 mins meant he had to curb his aggression thereafter. Sammie was excellent and Jason Lowe must remain at right back were he shows his Premiership experience whilst at Rovers rather than Pav who has lost confidence after a terrific start. Doidge ha
  14. Happily take 1-1 or 0 - 0 for that matter.
  15. Happily take 1-1 or 0 - 0 for that matter.
  16. I haven`t fully researched it but it does seem to fall the same week as Champions League fixtures. Just checked and our next midweek fixture (discounting New Years Day) is at Birmingham on 12 Feb before Champions League resumes in March so if the match is on Red Button my theory is flawed/incorrect. Incidentally I wondered at the time why our game v Forest was played on Wednesday 24 October rather than our normal Tuesday evening. I believe Sky want 6 games on Tue & 6 on Wed to ensure full coverage so dictated Wanderers had to play on the following evening. I could easily be wrong.....
  17. Not been on here for a while - I get too depressed when we constantly lose so the issue of Red button may have already been addressed - but just in case. Red button is for Championship midweek matches only and always corresponds with Champions League fixtures. I reckon Sky Sports are covering games simply to piss BT Sport off by distracting fans of Championship clubs from watching Citeh Scum etc.
  18. I was at the same game at Milmoor also aged 15. We returned to where the coaches had dropped us off to find they had been moved! There was a group of Rotherham fans hurtling bricks at us wasn`t much fun particularly at such a tender age.
  19. Not had any problems with stewards aside from an incident at Crewe during the ridiculous 4-4 game. I was on the front row and lost it for a moment when we went 4-2 up. I ran forward perhaps two yards but was almost on the pitch. A female steward pretty much rugby tackled me and wanted to throw me out. I apologised profusely and the stewardess relented. At 4-4 I can still visualise Nathan Blake volleying over from about 4 yards in the last minute.
  20. Bollocks. I booked three rail tickets sadly oblivious that Sheffield - Rotherham leg of journey and return was Northern Rail. We will find a method be it a cab or maybe local bus service.
  21. Seems a nice lad clearly gifted and Wanderers through and through but lacked the physicality to be part of a struggling team. Luxury player perhaps more suited to a gentler pace maybe s abroad. Good luck to him.
  22. Agree wholeheartedly with the original post reiterated by Va Va. I fully expected us to get mullered as usual by Derby but the discipline organisation and endeavour was tremendous. It also shows that stats are bollocks - we had more and better chances. Matthews made one save. I walked away absolutely made up with a tear in my eye. Incidentally my missus has a nickname for Oztumer - she calls him Mascot !
  23. It is about time we competed against Derby. Twice I went to the Baseball Ground - first time in the old Division One lost 3-0 evening game. Returned for the 3-1 FA Cup defeat Andy Walker scored but missed an absolute sitter at either 1-1 or 2-1 horrible memories. Last season sulking after the match I picked up a discarded program leaving the Macron and looked at their squad - it was ridiculous the difference in quality. I reckon Derby had potentially a full team aside from those on the pitch and bench stronger than Wanderers could assemble. It wont be any different on Saturday but fuck em I ha
  24. Newcastle another memorable game for me as I wasn`t there. I had a pre-booked holiday to a remote Greek island with my girlfriend who is now my wife. We flew out Saturday morning. I could not find the result despite mithering several pale faced tourists who arrived on Sunday. The dialogue - "Have you just arrived?" "Yes" "You don`t happen to know the score Bolton v Newcastle?" "No". in those days papers were delivered effectively a day late so frustrated until Monday morning I headed down to the kiosk on the quayside - grabbed a Sunday paper - YES we won three one. I was manically jum
  25. I remember the occasion clearly - we were a goal down to Wednesday when Jeff Chandler equalised - for the first time i got all emotional and welled up (I do it regularly these days!). We went onto win but our survival wasnt confirmed because as you say Cardiff who were two points adrift of Wanderers had a final game at home to already Champions Luton. I managed to find live Radio commentary in the second half - in bleeding Welsh! .Although I didnt have a clue I could hear the Cardiff fans in the background. They were as ever insulting Swansea fans who they facing in the Welsh Cup Final. I to
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