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  1. Haha, he couldn't get served in Spoons then he was thrown out of Fannies although I apparently fell off a bar stool at some point! Good laugh though, shame about the footy as per usual.
  2. Ngog out for 3 months. Oh dear.
  3. Apart from the fact I got pulled and 3 point for speeding on the way back Not forgetting the potential 3 points for the red light to!!
  4. “I have got David Wheater who must have sore knuckles because he’s been banging on my door every day. I have also got Matt Mills not so much knocking as tapping it, so there are definitely players waiting to get into that position.” You can interpret that in many ways but i will go with, that's basically him saying 'Mills is shit' and that he knocks like a girl.
  5. Both Ngog and Pratley showed a yard of pace running down the line which was encouraging. Ngog has to play. He might miss chances but his close control and link up play makes up for it. I think some of the crosses were poor last night but with regard to Chungy he shows great technical ability to be able to nick a ball from the toes of opposing players.
  6. Well that ending was a right joy. Trying to decide whether it was better than our last minute equaliser against Brighton. We got battered by Brighton and I remember being ecstatic. I guess last night was more of a tense joy.
  7. Boltimore

    David Oates

    I remember him being the MUFC correspondent on radio Manchester in the 80s. Sad.
  8. You were hammered at half time!! You insisted I had one of your beers!!
  9. From official site so I guess it all depends on whether that blizzard arrives!! Costa coffee to blend in with posh southern folk!!
  10. CPFC twitter feed says game on.
  11. On me way to Manchester Picc. COYWM
  12. Laughed (although I'm not really laughing after today) at this quote from PG today, " This year we announced a masterplan to take us forward in the next stage of Bolton Wanderers' history" Hey, am I missing something?!!!
  13. Impressed that you could have a pint in the ground after the game. Made all the more better by watching the highlights and seeing only one moment for us which was the goal!!
  14. BBC site says Palace have the worst defensive record in the league. Our main concern is our Defence. Oh dear, although I appreciate you can't polish a turd so he may be up against it anyway sorting out that back line. He will have my full support if he takes the job.
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