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  1. Get on Guy Gurveys From the Vault on Sky Arts . Some amazing early footage.
  2. Probably deserves it's own topic but best tribute band is Cloudbusting. Honorary mention to the lads who do Oaysis and Total Stone Roses as a double header. Now releasing own stuff as Affleck's Palace
  3. That's a strange analogy Rudy. Biffy Clyro main problem is taking themselves so fucking seriously. Not something you would level at Blink 182 or the other Green Day Lite pop punk bands.
  4. Sorry humour, It's one of two best paragliding sites in Europe. My youngest did this at 11 years old.
  5. Made me want to jump off a cliff.
  6. Is it alright if I just listen to friends who've done the trip instead?
  7. Why? It's the two (three if you are lucky) at sea that are the deterrent not the one i've stood underneath in 5 Basin Devonport.
  8. That refers to a decision made for the Cold War. Sailing from UK likely to take you south and east these days.
  9. Anecdotedly only referred to as Jack when flown on a ship
  10. Be alreet for Plymouth. We would get all sub work from Rosyth.
  11. Farmers in Scotland was main driver as shorter days still oop real north
  12. My old man was on board HMS invincible when 1st gen of that was fitted. Went out and bought a plastic tool box after it tracked him acrthe flight deck.
  13. Warsaw didnt do too bad for themselves in terms of evolving
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