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  1. green genie

    Rugby Is Back....

    Went to watch the U20 team destroy France in the scrum on Saturday. Some cracking talent coming through.
  2. green genie

    Todays Games

    VVD has just said "we go again".
  3. green genie

    Todays Games

    Everton lad been slashed across face in that. Hopefully the horrible gobshite slag videoing will provide evidence.
  4. https://bestforkodi.com/upcoming-televised-football-where-to-watch-the-games/ ESPN+ from USA as well as European channels.
  5. green genie

    The Elite Posters Music Thread

    "It's not where you're from its where you're at."
  6. green genie

    Todays Games

    Spurs v Chelsea was 44000. Only the two 'isteree clubs drawing from millions of tourists would have sold out.
  7. green genie

    Todays Games

    Shame Lennon isn't a better manager. With his name and victim mentality he'd be a shoe in for Anfield job.
  8. green genie

    Check Under Your Bed

    Weil's disease transferred by rat's piss (not strongbow cider) can lead to kidney failure after initial symptoms you've had. Might be worth course of antibiotics.
  9. green genie

    Local Delicacies

    That is the traditional tin miner's two courses in a pasty. The crimp around the edge was so they could hold it by the pastry then throw away to avoid arsenic poisoning.
  10. green genie

    England V Colombia

    Put your car in ferry queue and 5minutes walk to West Hoe pub or Walkabout if want to jump on passing traffic.
  11. green genie

    Transfer Gossip

    Toumani Diagouragab set to play his last Plymouth Argyle match on Saturday as been offered a contract by Championship club as well as three in league one. Rumours in the muff are it's you boys.
  12. green genie

    Recent Filums I've Watched

    If you're talking about the new Netflix Bright his partner is an Ork, like in Lord of the Rings. Proper wank though.
  13. green genie

    Black Friday

    The Toblerone is more expensive in that guise. Think Richard Fairbrass should be forced to try it for scarring my thoughts on it.
  14. green genie

    England Youth

    Left to get first team opportunities. First 10 minute sub appearance came when they brought him back from U17 World Cup before final. That's started well.
  15. green genie

    Away Followings

    Heart bleeds for you.

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