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  1. Fucking hilarious, now take it off. You win, I'm not using these forums anymore if folk are gonna put my pictures up and tell tales to my employer to get me the sack. Just delete it.
  2. Back story for those who are not in the quiche?
  3. Sit in north, they might let you have a go on the drums.
  4. Tits always win in the battle of the assets.
  5. Aye, that is exactly what I meant. Maybe even three of them.
  6. Given the choice I would rather not die with 50 year old tits in my face.
  7. Aint half some drippy and pointless comments on that link.
  8. Feel free to carry on, less over the top crap that I get.
  9. My bad, didn't realise the second cup run was referred to as that. I went to a few of them ones. White Hot 3 then?
  10. I don't need telling I know what it is, I'm asking is this shaping up to be White Hot 2.
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