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  1. glennboltw

    The Retreat On Cnr

    A couple of people were raving about the seabass risotto! Had the lamb shank which was excellent.
  2. glennboltw

    The Retreat On Cnr

    Just been to the opening night at the new Retreat restaurant in Bromley Cross. The lay out of the restaurant is very similar Adlington.... Food excellent and I think it will be a success like the other two restaurants.
  3. glennboltw


    Day at Aintree tomorrow for a works do with the lads.....I have not got a clue about horse racing so any tips would be grateful (even tips for other courses would help) Cheers guys.
  4. glennboltw

    Official Rugby League Thread

    I think Keiron Purtill is a massive loss for Leigh, he was Leigh through and through and got the players playing good stuff after Neil Jukes got sacked it was just to late to reach the play offs.
  5. glennboltw

    Nhs Heroes Awards

    The room became very dusty watching that story! What an inspiration that girl is.
  6. glennboltw

    Forest V Barnsley

    Physcolgically tonight’s result will be a massive boost for the squad,
  7. glennboltw


    I used Bear watch cctv, if I remember correctly it was £430 for three cameras with a four year warranty, they can easily be found on Facebook or just PM me if you want more details. I cant knock it really good.
  8. glennboltw

    Wanderers 0-1 Birmingham

    Bad day at the office, still 5 points clear of the drop, we move on.
  9. glennboltw

    Firestick/ Kodi

    I installed the above build and I just seem to have the icons down the left hand side of the page with the date in the top right and a blank screen as if everything has crashed. Not sure if I’m missing something here or not?
  10. glennboltw

    Daft Away Games.

    Swindon away on a Tuesday night when the PA announcer got sacked at half time when he said "that's the worst refereeing I have ever seen" went on to win 1-0 I think.
  11. glennboltw

    Official Rugby League Thread

    Kieron Cunningham may be the problem!
  12. glennboltw

    Bustard Dogs

    Had one of my mine put down on Tuesday, horrible experience and £177 lighter as the Mrs wants the ashes.
  13. glennboltw

    Official Rugby League Thread

    Interesting! Keep me informed.
  14. glennboltw

    Official Rugby League Thread

    Yes, the original plans to build at Agecroft are still in place but that’s the long term of the chairman Andy Mazey (hopes within 5 years) until then we will probably remain at Heywood Road Sale. It was interesting today as one of the consortium owners did a speech and I’m sure he said something along the lines of he was hoping that Swinton and Salford could both play at the AJ Bell stadium.
  15. glennboltw

    Official Rugby League Thread

    Yes that right and we only scored 6 points that afternoon so we have improved.....I actually go watching Salford a lot (when swinton aren’t playing) as the company I work for is a shirt sponsor so I have a soft spot for Salford!

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