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  1. Went watching baseball in New York and really didn't understand what was happening so I went over to a group of lads to ask for the basics... They said "we don't know either were from Preston"
  2. Should have played Benny Hill music in the background then.
  3. Shouldn't have gone to pens, he should have scorsd.
  4. The thing I don't understand about that fight was Persoon was obviously the better fighter but in the interview after the fight she said she deserved to lose, bizzare.
  5. Spot on! He nearly looked in tears at the end of the interview.
  6. Yes he got away with one, blowing after round 5 and never looked in the fight.
  7. Jack cullen fighting on the Dillian Whyte undercard now.
  8. I think most of his family still live in the Kearsley area, maybe wrong though.
  9. Had rats in the loft for months, council kept coming round using poison to get rid of them, horrible sleeping at night when you can hear the fuckers running round in the loft.
  10. Did you get any insurance? Picking my pup up in 7 week.
  11. Great dogs, we currently have one thats 13 and still like a pup and we lost our other 2 years ago aged 14.... We're looking at another dog now and are considering another border collie.
  12. What are the thoughts of the yearly injections dogs should have? Is it just a myth or a money making scheme for vets? My border collie is 13 now and probably not had any injections for at least 10 years and has had no health issues (touch wood).
  13. I send my parrot there for boarding when we go on holiday, its a great little place and it's surprising how many birds they rescue and rehome.
  14. Sale water park is also known for ringnecks too.
  15. Planet stream is good, got it on now.
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