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  1. 2-0 solid performance. doyle Maddison
  2. The Wanderer


    I feel uncomfortable taking the piss out of them when this could have easily been us, especially when I’m not even 100% on us staying in the league this year. personally I’d like to see them fly back up the leagues, I love nothing more than watching us against teams that hate us. good luck to ‘em.
  3. Travis Perkins has shut up shop, if others follow that’s decision made for most construction.
  4. I took my lad spotland for the cup game v Newcastle at weekend, there was a good few chants about us throughout the game. theres a rivalry building their end! Seems abit like us with Munich’s.
  5. I reckon I could muster 11 kean soldiers together. Is this a kick about or piss up?
  6. There’s a few good points there to be fair. Obviously the kids got invited in as they was supposed to be mascots. It was a little awkward at first as some of the kids was clearly still pissed off. wheats came across like he wanted to play for the club, and assured us the players that mattered wanted to also. he kept referring to the core of the team but wouldn’t say who, vela got mentioned. dont shoot the messenger I’m just relaying what I got told. my personal opinion did get changed from speaking to him, but trafs pointed out a few facts there.
  7. Ameobi was one. One player had him by the throat the other week apparently.
  8. Well after yesterday he has in mine. Neither of them needed to do that for those kids. It was also wheaters daughters birthday and he still made time.(so he claimed). i never said anything about the fans having enough, I had enough around six months ago and told him my thoughts on it.
  9. That’s me and my lad. Wheater and Tony kelly was amazing yesterday. Changed my opinion totally on the strike action. There’s a lot gone on that hasn’t come out and wheater pulled no punches and answered any question thrown at him. The players have had enough. He admitted there’s a few players that don’t give a shit, named them also. He did say the core of the team are a fantastic set of lads and if they’d been given a better chance he felt we’d be in a better position, said he was certain we would have stayed up had the club been run correctly. theres also a hole in the changing roo
  10. Jay jays goal against West Ham for me, alex rae for wolves was a belter also.
  11. Exactly. Booked it ages ago. It’s a birthday present, tried cancelling it but got told it’s non refundable.
  12. My lads mascot for this, so I suppose I have to go! well lose something nill.
  13. At a wedding so we will win. 2-1 wheater and connell for us.
  14. Who the fuck would want to come and manage here with the current state of affairs? I’d like to see Parky given a crack under stable ownership.
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