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  1. I was in Riyadh last year working and there was a music event on with western artists. (David Guetta, Black Eyed Peas etc.) Mixed crowd too no segregation. Burkas were off and being waved around their head helicopter style. Pretty mad to watch.
  2. Dan.m

    Take Over

    Best thing about that statement is that iles didn't get his hands on it first
  3. Dan.m

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    Better than feck all is what I reckon
  4. Dan.m

    Take Over

  5. Dan.m

    Take Over

    Preferred bidder chosen and agreed to inject £1m into the club for immediate running and player sales
  6. Dan.m

    Take Over

    I'm at the formula E in Monaco on Tuesday. Anyone need any special delivery 🙃
  7. Dan.m

    Take Over

    Get them shares called in H.
  8. Dan.m

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    Well it was interesting reading either way.
  9. Dan.m

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    So is this a drill or not?
  10. Is Holdsworth going to turn up again. Flat cap in hand
  11. https://www.theboltonnews.co.uk/sport/17405193.bolton-wanderers-close-to-takeover-from-uk-based-consortium/
  12. He's not a resident of Switzerland but a resident of Monaco.
  13. Just done a quick Google search. Think they are the agents for Gary Madine and Derek Osede, however not sure how trusted the site is to be.
  14. Is he suggesting Bonner is a piss head
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