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  1. agreed, watching the same one and thought exactly the same thing, what a twat.
  2. For anyone that is interested, you can currently get (with Ryanair): Travelling out on Wed 20th and returning on Fri 22nd: Stanstead to Frankfurt 0.01p each way + taxes (20 quid return) Frankfurt to Madrid 0.01c each way + taxes (15 quid return) Stick on the charge for the credit card (as they sneakily refuse debit cards) and you are looking at 42 quid return. There are 4 flights a day between London & Frankfurt which make it possible to get the connection onto Madrid. You can get into Madrid for 6pm on the Wednesday evening
  3. Download and install this... http://www.sopcast.com/ Then paste this in the Address bar (within Sopcast): sop://broker1.sopcast.com:3912/26262
  4. Just make sure you choose the "Direct Debit" option when you sign up and not the "Credit Card" one or else it'd be a complete pain in the arse when you come to cancel. At least with a DD, you are in control.
  5. click that play button next to the korean garble in the bottom right
  6. Anyones stream keep lagging and stalling or is it ay my end?
  7. What a load of bollocks.... Setanta's confirmed line-up of exclusively live Barclays Premier League games are: Saturday, August 11th @ 5.15pm - Aston Villa v Liverpool Saturday, August 18th @ 5.15pm - Newcastle United v Aston Villa Saturday, August 25th @ 5.15pm - Everton v Blackburn Rovers Sunday, August 26th @ 1.30pm - Middlesbrough v Newcastle United Saturday, September 1st @ 5.15pm - Manchester United v Sunderland Saturday, September 15th @ 5.15pm - Chelsea v Blackburn Rovers Monday, September 17th @ 8Pm - Derby County v Newcastle United Saturday, Sep
  8. Says on this page that it is special offer with no 12 month contract (in the rotating image): http://gb.setanta.tv/gbpack.htm
  9. At least one of the other games is on now: http://gb.setanta.com/portal/systemcontent...eadjust=11& Might be worth the tenner just for the a month to get at least 3 games.
  10. Setanta are showing the 1st game but they don't appear to be showing the others? http://gb.setanta.com/portal/systemcontent...teadjust=9& Trouble is that it is 10 quid a month.
  11. Fixtures Saturday, 21 April 2007 Barclays Premiership West Ham v Everton, 15:00 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Saturday, 28 April 2007 Barclays Premiership Everton v Man Utd, 12:45 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Saturday, 05 May 2007 Barclays Premiership Everton v Portsmouth, 15:00 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sunday, 13 May 2007 Barclays Premiership Chelsea v Everton, 15:00
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