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  1. Stream not working for us on laptop on either account. Having to watch on the app on the phone. Anybody else having issues?
  2. it works if you use the app on your mobile rather than the browser
  3. A precautionary comment on the renewals.... I cancelled my DD in April last year. In my account last week it showed as a renewal was in place with a charge of £293 (which seemed to be £278 cost + £15 DD charge) but they cancelled it without notification somewhere between then and now. I just happened to look online today to see how many had been sold and I noticed my top seats were available to buy. I rang and spoke to someone in Bolton Central. I could feel the disinterested shoulder shrug down the phone line. If I hadn't rung I would have lost them seats. My adv
  4. we were 14-1 at the start of the season so 12-1 right now looks decent
  5. Sorted, they had a few. Cheers MickyD
  6. Thought I'd bought 2 tickets for this but it looks like the transaction didn't go through. Bwfcboy Jnr will not be impressed when I give him the news! If anyone has a couple they don't need can you PM please. Thx
  7. Fantastic choice in my eyes. He'll do a better job than the previous handful of bottlers. A man who will do what he thinks and anyone disagreeing can go Fuck 'emselves
  8. There's no shortage of 'special ones' in WSL believe me and i don't mean like Jose Mourinho. I moved over last year. It's felt like I'm sat at a party I wasn't invited to all year.
  9. Seven shiny pounds at 3/1 says today we win. This is the day it all changes.
  10. can any of you kindly chaps help me out. i have (had) a copy of microsoft office home & business 2010 but i can't find the bleedin disk anywhere. i need to reinstall it, ive got the key but i can't find a download anywhere. i've searched high and low, downloaded god know how many dodgy files loaded with viruses but no joy. microsoft won't help me because i dont know the microsoft account details i used when i originally bought it and i dont have a receipt. without this i can't download it from the microsoft website and they wont help me at all. im getting really pissed about
  11. some good OPTA stats for last season here. Most shots without a goal.........
  12. i know this might cause some to spit their pint across the room but the bbc match stats look ridiculous next to the score. Shots on target 17 v 9. That sounds about normal. I havent been. I havent listened, I stopped looking at the score when the 4th went in but maybe (just maybe?) it was one of them days when everything they hit went in. (clutching at straws but theres nothing else to clutch at) our defence has an ego as fragile as a box of eggs. next week will be a big game now
  13. you know what Bernard Manning used to say about dogs being born in stables
  14. but how english is that? its alright people saying `he`s not english` but you have to draw a line somewhere. not sure how you do that
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