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  1. Having watched both back, definite penalty but the goal is onside as the ball goes back.
  2. Lots of people here mentioning the children back at school for 2 weeks. I know schools differ in different areas but my Grandson in a Horwich primary school will be back in for 4 weeks as they don't finish for Easter until 1st April. I am doing the homeschooling and it is doing my head in, but for now I would rather him be here rather than be in school potentially bringing the virus home at the moment, and that is even taking into consideration I go for the jab tomorrow. For the whole school to go back in for the 4 weeks, I'm sure there will be many classes sent home to self isolate in th
  3. VAR would have struck it off
  4. Had to laugh when MM tried to pass the ball to the ref as they were going off and couldn't even do that right, overhitting it from about 8 yards. Just hope we can keep 11 men on the pitch then I think we'll be reet!!
  5. It's aimed at Neil Lennon, they sing "Hey there you with the sad face come up to my place"
  6. Not been open 24 hours for about 8 months now.
  7. He was a regular at Walking Football at the Arena right up to just before Christmas and a was still a good player. As mentioned he loved the Wanderers and sadly another White gone too soon. RIP Bob Tributes to 'humble, kind, and dedicated' police officer Bob Tonge who has died - YouTube
  8. I'm sure there was, however I'm sure the reason for the cancellation is that the stage was supposedly not strong enough.
  9. I remember the cancelled Selector gig. I think it was cancelled just as folk were arriving so it didn't go down too well, something to do with the stage not strong enough to pass Health and Safety iirc. Saw The Buzzcocks at Silverwell Street also around that time I think. Pete Shelley in that small bar before the gig with the fans having a good drink. Gig ended with the usual then drums/guitar getting demolished.
  10. It might as well now that Chris Rea has just heard that his car has failed it's MOT.
  11. 2 goals and 1 assist from 12 games
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