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  1. Are they going to open the curtains for those in the hotel?
  2. Bolton number 5 Chorley number 80
  3. It will be even more amusing if BT Sport show Klopp the VAR before his interview.
  4. Another shout for PDH, a proper nice bloke https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-54485919
  5. I can just imagine a meeting in the office this week, “what shall we do if we lose the commentary” and then someone said play ‘a good heart’.
  6. If I was the manager I would have immediately took him off when he was ambling back like he was going for a jog in the park then.
  7. What a finish to the Brighton game!!!
  8. Dropped grandson off at CNR this morning and it would seem parents didn’t know until they were arriving, they were being told the 3 affected years are now closed as they got to the school gate.
  9. If the ball goes back to the corner taker and he is furthest forward it is offside.
  10. Every time a train goes past it does that
  11. Aubameyang...midfielder this season
  12. As soon as I saw it I thought Selhurst Park
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