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  1. Alf Hartigan

    Dialects test

    10 minutes of my life i'll not get back I'm Ashley off Corry apparentlly
  2. Alf Hartigan

    Unpopular Opinions

    Parky's done a decent job under the circumstances
  3. Alf Hartigan

    Official Boxing Thread...

    Can see all three of em fighting their different contenders at this rate, hopefully one or all of them comes a cropper and makes a mockery of it all. Fury doesn't hold a title though so how does that work?
  4. Alf Hartigan

    Todays Games

    the cunts made a right racket all the way through to be fair
  5. Alf Hartigan

    Official Boxing Thread...

    if these three don't fight each other in the next 2 years boxing can fuck off for me
  6. Alf Hartigan

    Norwich City at home

    Voice of reason in my opinion. A refreshing anecdote to hysterical reactions to defeats.
  7. Alf Hartigan

    Is It Me, Or Is Music Shite These Days ?

    Reggae has always been shit, not sure why I felt the need to say that cos nobody else has mentioned it
  8. Alf Hartigan

    Takeover - this actually might be a drill

    fucking hell, in a few weeks we've gone from calling him King Ken to talking about assassinating the fucker
  9. Alf Hartigan

    Area's Of Bolton Never Been To

    Good luck if you have to find an address there, one of the most confusing road systems with an estate ever Saying that, plenty rivals
  10. Alf Hartigan

    Area's Of Bolton Never Been To

    Morris Green isn't really an area, it's just a group of streets that doesn't want to to be called a part of Daubhill
  11. Alf Hartigan

    Todays Games

    several thousand Villa fans regretting leaving early
  12. Alf Hartigan

    Area's Of Bolton Never Been To

    Town centre side of Deane is not pleasant at the moment. I’m working there currently and received threats for no reason. Plenty decent folk there but it’s rife for exploitation and car crime. Makes breightmet look civilised.
  13. Alf Hartigan


    this is the second time I've tried and come to same conclusion as you. absolute turd, going to bed.
  14. Alf Hartigan

    Bolton v Reading

    Haha, think he had three goes at him. He looked a good un early season, but he's come down to our level now.
  15. Alf Hartigan

    Bolton v Reading

    I was right in line with it from ESU and as soon as he made the challenge everybody just gave a resigned FFS as it appeared nailed on. Those highlights give a false impression IMO

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