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  1. Dunno, but it's impressive where they have got to
  2. Forest Green play in Nailsworth which has a population just under 6,000 so it would be impressive if they did. Saying that, dunno if they attract support from elsewhere.
  3. Horwich won't like that 😀
  4. I know you're trying to provoke a certain poster, but there's loads more reasons offered at our place, none of them legit IMO
  5. Don't know about that, a lot of jobs lost and a lot more to come. But as far as jabs (not jobs) go, rightly or wrongly, it's up to the individual. I know plenty folk refusing to get it.
  6. Biggest employers in Bolton, the Council.
  7. Trust me, I've urged them to do it, got told no chance.
  8. I agree from speaking to people at work. Selfish cunts IMO but can't force 'em
  9. Think you've misread his post like a couple of others did. Consensus is he was MOTM
  10. He has actually said that Evatt will not be happy with this performance
  11. Not as impressive as we have been recently according to Jack Dearden. Are they chatting shit?
  12. It's weird listening to him and reading comments on here, completely at odds
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