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  1. to be fair, I was joking, was hoping someone might say solitary confinement
  2. But surely the advice to wear masks is to stop you spreading it if you have it. That was my understanding, they do little to prevent you catching it. Or have I missed something and this has now changed?
  3. Haha, some great memories, you can watch most of it on youtube.
  4. It was Dearden and McGinlay, dunno if Gowling will be back or not
  5. get over it you plum, there are plenty of police officers I don't like, bellends are in every job
  6. I think I've seen the picture, maybe another site, will have a root
  7. Wasn't there a BWFC graffiti on the opening titles, or have I imagined that from something else?
  8. Not a clue, my eyes haven't gazed a top shelf since I discovered t'internet. What mags are still going out of interest?
  9. I worked in Warrington which is a similar size to Bolton, and in the late 90s we could have just 8 of us on nights (10pm-6am)
  10. Seedy sex shop, surprised they have survived the internet era. Always remember going to Munich in the late 80s and a simililar shop (but much bigger) in the city centre was full of folk just as many women as men. We've probably caught up since thankfully, but still like to keep it 'behind closed doors' to a certain extent.
  11. It very much is, I deal/liaise with them on a daily basis. You're talking shite.
  12. My point is that you seem to think you are informed on the subject because your sister in law is a police officer
  13. I've worked in the public service sector all my life pal, 12 years as a police officer and 20 years in social services. No, I've no idea.
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