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  1. That was Embankment coming out of Beer School on Saturday
  2. I read more as Tonto. He not too smart kimosabe
  3. Do you have to put your arm up to go to the toilet? As you say, fuck that. I don't think I'll be in a pub until we're back to normal.
  4. I didn't realise how shit we actually are......
  5. When this board was half decent
  6. I'm all for more balance. A bit less snide wouldn't go amiss
  7. Seemed like constant thunder for 5 minutes in Howfen. Passed through now. Love a good storm.
  8. I was stood next to Andy Todd in Asda Middlebrook the week after he'd knocked the fuck out of Collymore. I'm a shortarse but we were similar size. Remember thinking fair play, must be a proper hard bastard.
  9. Aye can buy miles better in most supermarkets. Suppose it’s all the different flavours they have. Can’t beat vanilla though
  10. I had a clear view of the Collymore scrap, Stanley threw the first punch then got battered down with a couple of haymakers. Saw Todd a couple of days later in Asda and he was only the same size as me, (small). Definitely a handy lad.
  11. I gave up on Power after about 6 episodes. Just done first series of Queen of the South . It’s got me doing the two episodes a night thing.
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