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  1. Mentioning this far too often. Man crush?
  2. Agreed, top notch that place, been using em for 20 years now, seems to have new owners recently but still as good.
  3. 5 at work currently off after testing positive out of a workforce of 39, a further 20 isolating as a result. Fucking nightmare, no serious illness though, and I don't personally know anyone who has died from/with it.
  4. Anti vaxers will be a massive issue. My line of work puts me second on the priority list and I will definitely have it. Most colleagues I've spoken to will refuse. Vast majority of them are 'Brenda off Facebook'
  5. Did Peter Thompson play a half for each team, that's my memory, also one the teams was well ahead but let the team with Thompson on second half back into it. Enjoyed it at the time, but a bit of a farce really.
  6. We deserved at least a draw at least. No worries on that performance. Grealish is the real deal.
  7. You send a xmas card to your other half? 😂😂😂
  8. My mistake, seems she’s a black pudding eater
  9. Victoria Derbyshire is a pie eater
  10. How's Jack Cullen doing? anyone watching?
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