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  1. Neil Robertson has got the same haircut I remember my mum had in 1974. Fancy Kyren Wilson might win this year.
  2. Offering me £61.76 on my £100.00 at 10-1. Think I'll leave it. Win our last three and it could well come off. On the other hand, we look a bit shit again recently 🤔
  3. Offering 200 quid to cash out now On my 100 quid at 10-1
  4. All good shouts but for out and out influence on our resurgence, combining performances with influence on others performances, I'm going Gilks all day long.
  5. Is Gary the Uncle then?
  6. Where is it? Are you the owner?
  7. My cash out is now in profit for the first time
  8. Can we stop spelling Morecambe as Morecombe, every fucker seems to be at it.
  9. My cash out down from 97 to 74 quid. Get to fuck
  10. Getting Sarce back is massive, didn't think I'd be saying that last Autumn
  11. fuck it, already been given thumbs down
  12. 17 points and Champions
  13. Finest comedy actor I've seen. Could watch that and Rising Damp over and over.
  14. It's Strawbury Duck not Strawberry Duck, common mistake. There's loads of reviews online for both spellings though.
  15. Fucking hell, that's brought back memories. Shit song really, but funny for some reason
  16. Most of the originals have long gone, unfortunately in my opinion, even if I'd disagree with 'em. It's still worth a watch though
  17. What do they make you wonder? He can't get banned for being gay
  18. Aye, a lot of top foreign players in the Prem and even Championship will mean a lot of good British players will be in the lower leagues. Wenger used to go on about this and he was correct.
  19. For a fourth tier league, I'd say it's a good league
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