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  1. Premier league table looks like something from the late seventies early eighties.
  2. I'll take mid table at the end of the season
  3. Paul Heaton from Housemartins/Beautiful South.
  4. I've no idea what Stevie B is on about, I was making a joke on his surname sounding like a curry. Hope he turns out better than we all expect.
  5. Don't think he would, he's not that stupid, replying to Mounts that is.
  6. Andy Burnham is asking for full national lockdown. There's no denying that. Only time will tell what's right. Personally, I'd support a national lockdown as of March for a period of 2 weeks.
  7. Plenty of water and vit D pal, have you had a positive test result? I had similar symptoms in March and even included vomiting, also loss of smell and taste. (never short of breath though). Never had a test to confirm it was covid19. Mine lasted a week, good luck.
  8. Barry Gibb, very talented but not really my cup of tea. No bigger bellend on earth though (apart from Donald Trump)
  9. IE thinks he's a rogan josh not tolerating it any longer.
  10. What job is she doing? There's nobody to replace me now in my job. Down to the bare bones.
  11. Exactly what happened to me in March, Hopefully be sorted in a week like I was. Good luck.
  12. Always remember being in year 9 at school and my Biology teacher in sex education telling us it was impossible to pee with an erection. (not sure why it got to that point) I argued against it at the time, but she convinced the class I was wrong.
  13. let's hope he comes off the rails soon
  14. If there is 5 or 6 of you available you're not going to tackle a whole gypsy camp site, it's common sense. If it's an unplanned event, that's how it is sometimes. Occasionally, the need might be so great that back up is needed from other towns/counties. That's how it was in the 80s/90s, that's how it is now.
  15. It is cheap and decent, I usually get chips, peas and gravy with loads of scraps for 2 quid, if you want a decent fish though, you need to go Whitesides down the road
  16. Have you tried Hunters yet. I went today but the queue was too big, so I fucked it off and went Bennetts Lane Chippy instead
  17. They're decent but £2.25 is too dear. (also £2.45 for a meat pie) Their potato cakes are ok but can't get near my sister's home made.
  18. Top middle looks like a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle
  19. Fucking hell, if I were goin down pit, last thing on my mind would be having a pastie
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