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  1. Piemon

    Sweaty Ken

    Surprised we havent had a 'Note from the Chairman' congratulating our away win. Hoping hes otherwise engaged.
  2. Piemon

    Transfer Gossip

    Beevers up front itk factamundo
  3. Piemon

    Norwich City at home

    no one with an ounce of sanity can confidently predict anything other than a defeat here. we dont get hammered (Often) and i predict we wont here either 0 - 2 without them getting out of 2nd gear
  4. Piemon

    Another one lost

    Me and Junior are still in but i wont be renewing for us if PP and Ken are still in town next season.
  5. Piemon

    West Indies Tour 2019

    Excellent fast spell from Wood yesterday afternoon. The new run up looks to have put an extra couple of MPH on his speeds. Hope he can back it up and stay fit
  6. Piemon

    Road to Cheltenham

    All Off until 13 Feb at the earliest now.
  7. Piemon

    Bolton v Reading

    8.5 k max in here tonight
  8. Piemon

    wedding suits

    cheers mate. That was one of my worries was putting on a bit of timber before September if i buy a suit now. going up next weekend to Manny
  9. Piemon

    wedding suits

    Nice one fellas. Will give Slayers a try for sure.
  10. Piemon

    wedding suits

    Right then. My wedding is only 9 months away now so i need to be getting mine and the Best Mans sorted. im not bothered about renting or buying tbh. Anyone recommend anyone? Doesnt have to be local just want a good quality gaff. Thanks
  11. Piemon

    Sweaty Ken

    Im still going as my 6yo still wants to. if he didnt it would probably be a different story. Its hard to watch week in week out. i admire him though he still wants to go
  12. Piemon

    Kids kits

    My lad is 6. i got him the JM Size and it fits him like a glove.
  13. Piemon

    Bolton v hull

    Megsons reign ended after a result against these men. so will Parkys 1 - 3
  14. Piemon

    Todays Games

    Absolute beauty of a solo goal for Hazard. Pure Class Bring them lot down a peg or two as well. Needed doing

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