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  1. A last minute winner for the trotters in a thriller of a game.
  2. That's the one. A film which doesn't require any music or sound effects to make it believable. Scum is not a film for the faint of heart. Made me wonder how true to life it was and if it was, did the regime do what it was supposed to. As in, punish the young offender?
  3. Possiblibly one of the most over hyped films of the year. Absolutley nothing to titilate the audience, male or female.
  4. I watched a film called Scum last night, (1979) Not for the faint of heart, but very gripping. 10/10
  5. Made up for you both Jazza. I haven't been on here for a while so I didn't know about the second thoughts. Pleased you managed to sort things out.
  6. The veteran chief claimed Coyle forced the issue, but MirrorSport can also reveal that coach Graham Barrow was told he would be in charge before the chairman and manager argued. Whelan said: “I had a meeting after the game and told him I was disappointed with the performance and the team selection. Owen asked if I wanted him to resign and I said yes.” Now Whelan wants to hire a young coach and find his next Roberto Martinez. He may even consult the former Latics chief about the vacancy. Whoever gets the job should be off to a better start than Coyle. When he arrived in the summer there were
  7. This just gets better , you need your own column my dear!
  8. Good on you .. And this thread goes down as one of the best in WW history for me . Jazza's 'bird' played a blinder
  9. I've no idea Gonzo ,she just said she'd lost her log in details on here so i offered to post on her behalf.
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