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  1. Warby78

    Take Over

    I’ve not commented on this forum for over 10 years! But I think Howard should reveal who he/she actually is, and what involvement he/she has. Or just fuck off.
  2. Couldn't you have gone for Saturday afternoon wrestling, just after me dad had taken us to the pie shop down Halliwell Rd which is now a bookies by the way before he went to the club and got wankered then drove home? Actually, i can sort of see, it doesn't quite roll off the tonge as well.
  3. I'm gonna get pissed! (not that i weren't anyway, but now i'm gonna get pisseder)
  4. Could be a big unveiling at the Emirates!
  5. I went deaf very recently in my left ear, really fucking painfull too, went to the quacks (who happens to be a ENT expert, and apparently it's my jaw bone that isn't alligned properly so i hve to go and see an orthodentist! JSL, it might not necessaraly be your ear!
  6. Do sky deliberately pick out the fucking munters for an interview, or are lookers really that scarce up there?
  7. Fuck what he was like as a player, who's ever heard of a dour sweaty being a successfull prem boss anyroad?
  8. Pure speculation, as i know that OC hasn't agreed to join us so far. But hypothetically speaking, do you think Elmander might have a small chance of coming good under a manager that played the same position, rather than a trapper of a bag of Blue Circle? I'm not sure he would, but thought i would open it for discussion.
  9. I've always been on the give him a chance side of the fence, but after this weekend i'm afraid his tenure must now come to an end. I have no idea who we should or could bring in, as it isn't my decision, but after losing to Blackburn and Wolves FFS all we need now is to be turned over by Bury and Tranmere and he's got a full house! It has taken me a long time to change my mind, but this weekend was the final straw, i think now is a good time to install someone new so that they can see where we need stegthening before the transfer window opens.
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