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  1. tomski

    Iles reporting PFA pulled out of funding wages

    Good and about time. Hopefully this is the last of all this.
  2. tomski

    Holidays 2019.

    Fair play. Can you look for my soul if you get a minute. Last seen on the repherbahn hehe
  3. tomski

    Iles reporting PFA pulled out of funding wages

    Nail on the head. For some reason iles has taken it in the neck on here by some pro regime folk on here. Does anyone really think he's secretly trying to bring the club down? This story yet again was always going to be reported and why shouldn't be in our ken transparent age?
  4. tomski

    Iles reporting PFA pulled out of funding wages

    To be honest the players have been quite dignified over all this. Apparently no one has suggested walking but I wouldn't knock any that did. I think you are being a tad unfair
  5. tomski

    King Ken

    Why do you read it then. I can’t understand what you think will be said?
  6. tomski

    Parky to Reading

    Got 40/1 and told a couple others on Pulis being first manager gone at palace off a decent tip. Plenty of guff ones including Alan Curblishey for England after a ‘strong tip’ haha
  7. tomski

    Holidays 2019.

    Quality mate. Love that place. You catching a match. I think HSV are away so St Pauli should be at home
  8. tomski

    Todays Games

    They’re not but have decent support. 2 different things imo
  9. tomski

    Parky to Reading

  10. tomski

    King Ken

    Exactly. The question is misjudged or been poor at his job is where I’m at? Deffo think he was sold a dud. Anyone taking the terms laid out with future add ons etc. But I suppose that’s why he got the call. It has failed though I feel whoever you blame
  11. tomski

    King Ken

    How so? If I think a point is valid I’ll happlily say I was wrong. I don’t like the bloke. I’ve never hidden that after giving him an initial try?
  12. tomski

    King Ken

    You have to ask yourself why did he get involved then?
  13. tomski

    A place in the sun

    I'm another who is looking at Spain for later years. Love the place. Also south of France to be fair. Good these steals can still be found
  14. tomski

    King Ken

    That is a very low expectation I agree. I find the whole thing a joke and the reality is that I'm seeing loyal mates drop like flies watching or losing interest in a greater rate than I've ever seen before. I fear the damage could be far greater than we think.
  15. tomski

    King Ken

    I think I’m fairly balanced on this. My problem is ken says a lot. Delivers a lot less. Like Ken I say though I hope you are right and I’m wrong

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