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  1. tomski

    Sweaty Ken

    Spot on
  2. Let's hope we fill up for this. Might not be many left to go to. If you can go get yourselves on wba
  3. tomski

    Sweaty Ken

    The 650k was league 1. God knows what he assigned himself last season. I suspect it's more? No idea on 2mill. Not heard that.
  4. Hahahahahaha this is the best thing I've read all day
  5. tomski

    Sweaty Ken

    Kane 57 is doing a pre announcement at 9am
  6. tomski

    Sweaty Ken

    He has said he couldn't give a toss if FGR tried to wind us up as he would get his money and he's not arsed. The bloke is a conman. Hasn't been paying anyone and It's all unraveling
  7. tomski

    Sweaty Ken

    You'll not get it then if you don't now!
  8. tomski

    Sweaty Ken

    Not about who is right or wrong pal, just glad he's been exposed and we can all look at getting him gone. Hopefully brings everyone together!
  9. tomski


  10. tomski

    Sweaty Ken

    I'm not going to watch them but think he is spot on and wish him FGR and Doidge well and hopefully see them next season over a veggie roll in L1
  11. tomski

    Sweaty Ken

    Seem to have exposed Ken. Good on them.
  12. tomski

    Sweaty Ken

    Indeed we won't have paid a penny.
  13. tomski

    Sweaty Ken

    Stick with Ken. It's the smart thing to do!
  14. tomski

    Sweaty Ken

    Ken is a knob

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