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  1. I’ll do same post again. any win and we are better than Salford even in our darkest hour.
  2. I still have that copy of you and your lad in the Ben in my car.
  3. He’s a class manager. Won way too much to be classed as anything else. Man city pulled 200 points in 2 seasons which is bangers on a 38 game season. I nearly self combust when we nearly did it on a 46 game season. I do think managers have their period though think wenger then Mourinho etc. Saying that I don’t think he’s finished yet.
  4. tomski

    Keith Hill

    No flicker. Agent Keith will deliver
  5. Thought the game management was excellent today. That was a comfortable 2-1 win. Not having Crellin as an outlet (Blame management over Crellin for this) seems to make a huge difference to our play. I hope also that Tutte has cemented a place as a starter.
  6. tomski

    Keith Hill

    Like how he taught Rochdale a lesson 4 times last year ha
  7. Haha no. Heard they congregate 50 yards away
  8. Didn’t know they’d go that high up.
  9. Might be on my own here but I think id rather just wait till it’s all done now. Not sure it will be any good with restrictions
  10. Not read all of this but are shellsuits coming back in?
  11. Forgive my ignorance but how do they get up to the loft?
  12. tomski


    It’s a good idea but my idea is better. Make France pay it all for us.
  13. I’m using @Sweep address
  14. See I don’t understand this logic. He was class for us in championship as well. I don’t see him as a luxury at all
  15. Love stuff like this. I was escorted out of a Southampton bit like that as I kept celebrating when we scored. A few complaints and they walked me along the pitch side and I was applauded by our fans on entrance to our end. Felt like I was in my own football factory minus some key ingredients: Being remotely hard Any violence whatsoever
  16. Any type of win please. I’ll carry on what I said for the Salford game for luck. Even in our darkest hour we are too good for Salford.
  17. I’ve already factored that in and also a small contribution from H as well
  18. While I never like the who is the best or top 5 debates I’d say Youri is the best I’ve ever seen in a Bolton shirt
  19. Crawford is 2nd in the divisional assist table which surprised me a little
  20. Would love him back. The only one I would re sign. Class player and bloke. Sweaty has ruined his career
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