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  1. Media will cover it up with this pretend St George’s day tomorrow.
  2. Just read this and still not sure what it’s about other than @Rudywas camp but now is glam and @Not in Crawleyis looking for his new @bolty58 with @Escobarp
  3. Nicely summarised as always
  4. And Salford. They are pathetic
  5. Don’t need to tell me. They’re gimps mate
  6. I see the dmbs are on about setting up another splinter club purchasing recently defunct flixton fc. Unbearable tossers. Have their own fucking league soon.
  7. E I E I E I O Bolton are back hello
  8. The thought of never crossing paths with those window lickers is quite a tempting proposition if I’m honest
  9. Surely they’ll create a 4th Man U and watch them. We don’t want them at ours
  10. May be on my own here but I want em to go and be expelled. The talent fucks off when the money goes bump (oh well as Bolton fans we should be ok with this) The money lost rekindles the interest in cup competitions as clubs see as a big source of revenue. It could be our saviour. In regards to the super league (noted that it’s named after the m62 sport which is embarrassing enough can crack on. One condition is they must never be allowed back. since the creation of the premier league everything has gone the way of the big boys and with them removed the potential for so
  11. Congratulations NIC. in other news went to my new local and thoroughly enjoyed being back in a pub.
  12. The cup was the one I’d always wanted and was devastated at the time but it’s been devalued so much in recent years that I look back and it barely registers. As a few others have said it was an ace weekend football aside so that may help as well. For example getting pumped by Accrington Stanley 7-1 sits worse now.
  13. We will beat Salford. Even in our darkest hour we are better than these turds.
  14. Wouldn’t fill my time worrying about this.
  15. Faith in humanity being restored. Well done Rudy
  16. Glad some sense still reigns here Pal.
  17. Booked the pub for a couple hours. Efl can sod off and I’ll give the game a swerve
  18. Not your best response Mr Grey
  19. Haha never liked him at pne. I don’t rate him but as discussed before in reality there are few good managers
  20. Why’s he a cunt? Helped get rid of ken. Can think of plenty more deserving than him of that title even if he is a veggie
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