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  1. Give your money then miss a third of the game. Fucking superb idea that.
  2. This with bells on Getting married on the Sunday, was half hoping we get knocked out before that weekend as Norwich at home wasn't likely to be moved for TV. If we get through and pull United away or something like and it gets moved to the Sunday then someone else can have her
  3. 442 Alnwick Lowe Wheater Beevers Taylor O’Neil Williams Wilson Ameobi Doidge Donaldson
  4. Taken off their forum: I’d just like to say well done to the Bolton fans who attacked us near Horwich Parkway station after the game. Got a couple of people in front of us on the floor and kicked them in the head then punched a 69 year old partially sighted man and hit someone with a heart condition too. Didn’t even care that there were children watching it all or care which team people supported. Loads of police near the ground but none all the way up from when we walked past Missoula to the A6.
  5. On the way to the match today, I’ve passed one of those twatting mobile speed vans (I know, I know, best way to not get caught is to not speed) Going down Thicketford Road from Red Lane side, mobile van sat in the dip opposite Seven Acres car park, right at the bottom of hill. I’ve done a bit of reading up and some people say mobile vans have no leniency, some say 10% +1. I reckon I was probably doing 33/34 by my speedo with a car closely in front and slammed on as soon as I saw it. Reason to be concerned or over-reacting?
  6. First game since West Brom (poorly timed holiday) Gunna be a 1-0 shithousery contest. Wilder to implode at full time. Ameobi to bag.
  7. How did SJM play? Obviously didn’t score so an off day?
  8. Highlights http://www.skysports.com/football/w-brom-vs-bolton/392551
  9. 2 more sets of emojis from LA on Twitter this morning plus the potential second one from yesterday as well.
  10. New statement from Ken, this bit seems a bit too critical for the public domain. https://bit.ly/2n1B9Om “Unfortunately, even though Paul Heathcote is a ‘lifelong supporter of the club’ he decided to issue a winding up notice against Bolton Whites Hotel Ltd only a few days after the amount would have been due. I doubt anyone would see that as the actions of ‘a lifelong supporter’! No doubt he pays all his suppliers weekly and on time as we have to! The winding up petition will now be dismissed but I would ask everyone to consider if they want to support SCC/Heathcote’s other businesses in the light of his aggressive actions against the club.”
  11. Arena may have flowed a little better but I’m not arsed. It’s the name of a building and it’ll most likely change in 3 years. As usual, the Twitterati are just in meltdown for a meltdowns sake.
  12. Magennis confirmed, 2 year deal
  13. Stolen this from Twitter but looking at who we let go/lost through returning to parent clubs, player for player I'd say we look stronger on paper; Howard > Walker(?) Dervite > Hobbs(?) Burke Robinson Henry Pratley > Lowe Morais > Wildschutt Wilbraham > Donaldson Flanagan > Olkowski Clough > Oztumer Karacan Madine > Wyke(?) Derik > Wilson Still a few more needed yet though
  14. Bolton Wanderers are pleased to announce the signing of Marc Wilson on a one-year deal. https://bit.ly/2LK0yqy Decent signing on a freebie Decent enough
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