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  1. Rated Pringle since he was at Rotherham. Went to that 4-2 loss under Lennon and he bossed the show. Would be a decent signing. Mind you, last player I said that about was Oztumer and we all know how that worked out.
  2. Antonee Robinson (remember him?) signed for Wigan on a 3 year deal
  3. Can recommend John Francis in Harwood as well if you want to hire
  4. matty2094

    Taken over

    Some alarming figures there - that’s less than half of the unsecured creditors as well.
  5. matty2094

    Taken over

    Joint administrators’ report – list of highest debts Secured creditors Fildraw/Moonshift 10,050,000 Brett Warburton 3,064,213 Ken Anderson 1,578,042 Prescot Business Park Uncertain Unsecured creditors (selected) Football creditors 2,747,122 HMRC PAYE/NI 2,252,974 Bolton Council 1,748,724 Yu Energy (stadium electric) 459,443 Stellar Football – FA 371,288 Macron 322,619 Prescot Business Park 248,352 HMRC VAT 217,487 Ken Anderson 180,000 PJSL Limited 169,800 Base Soccer Agency 113,067 Unique Sports Management 98,036 Adi UK Ltd 97,032 Thomas Cook Retail 92,124 United Utilities 85,391 Walker Morris 71,340 Dr David Humphreys 71,014 Bolton Arena 69,685 Ticketmaster Sports 60,352 Strike Management (via FA) 60,000 Yu Energy (stadium gas) 57,977 Matchday workers 57,624 Key Sports Management 54,600 Brabners 52,460 Emerson Management 44,318 Sibcas Ltd 42,361 Players Inc Limited 36,225 Impact SM Ltd 34,397 Pridemile Ltd 30,313 HCA International 29,542 Water Plus (Lostock) 29,283 OmniSports 28,125 people PRS Ltd 25,847 RS Tyrer Ltd 22,901 North West Ambulance 22,166 Platinum One Sports 21,840 Pinnacle Sports & Ents 20,040 Greater Manchester Police 18,543
  6. matty2094


    As good as fucked if Twitter is to be believed
  7. Land back at Heathrow at 8pm Saturday night, winner winner
  8. Did the trial one just before Christmas. Wasn’t too bad but I think I’m too much of a creature of habit for it - I know what I like and I’d rather have them than try something new. Thoroughly enjoying Brewdog’s Elvis Juice at the minute
  9. Shame Vaughan's gone to Bradford. Thought he would've done a job in L1
  10. matty2094

    Taken over

    Just tweeted BWFC Tickets to be safe who've said...
  11. matty2094

    Taken over

    Me being one of them - was about to say the exact same
  12. Siege mentality, fuck it. Stay up, kick on and up as Champions the season after. YHIHF
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