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  1. I’d forgotten that I’d even gone to that game up until just now. Ended up about 4 rows and 20 seats away from where my seat was when Madine headed in that equaliser. Where’s that video of them 2 Bradford vloggers going from jubilation to despair in 2 seconds flat?
  2. Sarcevic has been isolating too I believe.
  3. https://twitter.com/lostockwanderer/status/1359428615725854726?s=20 Just seen this this morning as I didn't end up watching the game live. Other than our players just getting on with it (unlike Morecambe's), what's the difference in challenge?! Edit: If someone could embed the tweet/video, that'd be superb as I don't have a clue
  4. Is that Sam Lavelle at centre back? Either came through our academy or we had him on the books at some point iirc
  5. Not at all. That's not what I'm suggesting... Just wondering how they would've caught wind of an 18 year old from Bolton who's only made one first team appearance.
  6. Apologies if its been mentioned already but some of the well wishers on Regan Riley's transfer post on his Instagram include Trent, Maddison (James), Benjamin Mendy, Declan Rice, Butland, Chilwell, Ravel Morrison, Reece James, Holgate, Chalobah amongst others. How's he held in such high regard with these bigger names yet hasn't had a sniff this season (with the exception of Shrewsbury(?)?
  7. “He’s built like a brick shithouse how’s he gone down like that” - proper Northern quote from Rob Holding there 😂
  8. Out at 9, predictions? FGR Home
  9. https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/birmingham-city-retire-number-22-18650110 Embarrassing.
  10. I read that bit as in you can win the package you had last year for no charge - as in you can't change seats or upgrade to a more expensive seat etc.
  11. https://www.bwfc.co.uk/news/2020/july/201920-season-ticket-and-match-day-ticket-information/ Can't say fairer than that. Keep my money Shaz.
  12. What’s gone so drastically wrong to go from that first Oxford game where it was neat and intricate football to that shower of shite tonight? Only positive that I can take is that we didn’t actually lose
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