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  1. freds dad


    Stake your bets. https://www.oddschecker.com/football/manager-specials/man-utd/next-permanent-manager
  2. freds dad

    Todays Games

    Served in cheap plastic glasses.
  3. freds dad

    Todays Games

    It looks impressive and there's even a Micro Brewery in the stadium. Short article and photos of the open day. https://inews.co.uk/sport/football/spurs-new-stadium-tottenham-hotspur-fans-first-viewing/
  4. freds dad

    Todays Games

    Allardyce on his way to Old Trafford to save another small club.
  5. freds dad

    Todays Games

    Southport miss out on the chance of hosting Spurs in the FA Cup
  6. freds dad

    Tv Shows

    Just watched up to episode 3 which includes our 3-3 draw against them and resulted in Simon Grayson being sacked. It's watchable but doesn't really tell you anything about the running of a football club.
  7. freds dad


    Along with Chevrolet, DHL and Uber.
  8. freds dad

    Dirty, Horrible, Leeds

    No refunds.
  9. freds dad

    Dirty, Horrible, Leeds

    I was hoping to make Saturdays match using public transport, I still can't drive after knee surgery, but it now looks like I'll be watching the match updates on TV.
  10. freds dad

    FA cup draw tonight

    They won’t bring 4k
  11. freds dad

    Parky to Reading

    I made a few quid when Coyle got the job. I think he was something like 11's and I went mad and put a tenner on him.
  12. freds dad

    Our next manager

    The "I" newspaper quoted me. When do I get my royalties?
  13. freds dad

    Moped Crime

    You might have a problem using this analogy with rapists.
  14. freds dad

    Town Centre Latest

    £9.99 from Amazon
  15. freds dad

    FA cup draw tonight

    Sixth successive FA Cup Home draw according to Iles on Twitter. Is that right?

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