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  1. anthonyj

    Burton Albion 2-0 Wanderers

    It'll be very fucking interesting to see exactly where some of our 'players' turn up next season.....hope it's not a rival. I'm sure theres more than a hint of self preservation going on over last month or more.
  2. anthonyj

    Wanderers 3-0 Peterborough

    Basted. ...beat me to it Waffer????
  3. anthonyj

    Wanderers 3-0 Peterborough

    If you can't be arsed with this game...... (which is probably the most important in the club's modern day history, given the context).....then I think it's safe to say you can not ever claim to love Bolton Wanderers Football Club......end of!
  4. anthonyj


    Ka cera cera
  5. anthonyj


  6. anthonyj


    Phil Morais Morais,he took Ameobe's place, his crosses are fucking ace, Phil Morais Morais.
  7. anthonyj

    Shrewsbury 0-2 Wanderers

    Been watching BWFC since 1976.....love this club more than I can say.....just feel we're getting back to where we belong. I can't help liking Kenny Anderson too.
  8. anthonyj

    Holdsworth Resigns

    WTF is going on at our fucking club????
  9. anthonyj

    Change Of Owner?

    Cracking post that!
  10. anthonyj

    Change Of Owner?

  11. anthonyj

    Songs That Remind You Of The Old Third Division

    Sorry.....memory's going these days
  12. anthonyj

    Songs That Remind You Of The Old Third Division

    Sorry if already posted. Oh we've got chickens in our back yard we feed them on Indian corn, But ones a bugger for giving the other a piggyback over the wall. Oh we're the barmy Bolton army....
  13. anthonyj

    42 Years Ago Tomorrow

    Yes their away strip was yellow with black strips on the shoulders I think. Also seem to recall neil mcnab scoring for them in the league game and being mobbed by all the spurs players before realising the goal had been disallowed☺

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