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  1. anthonyj

    Keith Hill

    Really impressed with Keith and Dave, but when i hear them speak i can't help thinking Max & Paddy ! (In the best way possible). 😁 COYFWM
  2. Fanzone idea is a really good one. Done properly, with sensible prices would be great for fans and make a modest profit for club. Its not just the money though, it would be another coup for FV and show the fans they are actively trying to rebuild the relationship. It feels to me a lot like when Rioch became manager.......hopefully the momentum will grow as quickly now as it did then and the youngsters who have had an awful experience watching the whites over last few years ( on the whole ) can really see what a true, together, and enthused Wanderers crowd really sounds like.
  3. anthonyj

    Keith Hill

    Sounds like just the man we need to lift the spirits 👍
  4. Really clever appointment by FV. I'm liking the cut of their jib.
  5. Just want my seat back.....its mine, no-one else's. Thankful to have our club back. The results don't matter for now, we're on the mend.😁
  6. Fair do's She's one of our own is right 👍
  7. Those glasses are pure filth! Sorry, but i've thought that for ages.
  8. Buzzing after reading that. Already getting very protective of our Sharon......think i might be in love 😁. They seriously come across as really decent people. Think we're in good hands.
  9. anthonyj

    Take Over

    Correct bud.....apparently on this day in 1877 Christ Church became Bolton Wanderers (or so someone said on facebook)? Seriously seriously happy / emotional tonight.....feel like a massive weight has been lifted. Love BWFC and always will. P.s. apologies to anyone i may have annoyed over last few months, it's taken it toll on me all this shit. But now we move forward again COYFWM 😀😀😀😀😀
  10. anthonyj

    Take Over

    To think i remember thinking when we moved to the Reebok, we'll never drop to the depth of the 80's again. Fuck me, how have we got to this. Its almost like we've been cursed......ever since Holden's injury.
  11. anthonyj

    Take Over

    Sorry if i'm giving you that impression......believe me its fucking killing me all this! I've supported the club i love for about 45 years and will never stop. If you didn"t laugh you'd fucking cry at the situation we're in. Sometimes emotion doesn't come over correctly in text......but in answer to your question, no i'm certainly not enjoying anything mate!
  12. anthonyj

    Take Over

    😂😂😂😂 Its about 12 months of our lives we'll never get back. I'm actually addicted to WW at moment. Will have to go cold turkey when this shit show finally ends
  13. True, but i honestly think FV will not complete. That doesn't mean i believe Bassini has any chance either (we all know the bloke is a tosser). I think there will be a late buyer, probably Kamani family.
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