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  1. anthonyj

    Transfer Gossip

    Remember when teams used to play pacey sweepers behind a big cb?.........just saying!
  2. anthonyj

    Preston h

    Don't bite!
  3. anthonyj

    Transfer Gossip

    Good in and around the box.
  4. anthonyj

    Bolton v Reading

    Ha ha......is that you Phil???????????
  5. anthonyj

    Bolton v Reading

    Thought that for ages.
  6. anthonyj

    Bolton v Reading

    It also empties the fucking stadium.
  7. anthonyj

    Bolton v Reading

    Dinosaur is right mate.......he's nothing but a Sunday league manager and belongs somewhere between 1970 - 1980! He keeps saying how proud he is of the effort the players are putting in?? Surely that should be a given for any professional player!! The body language of the players tells me they aren't very impressed by him Anyone notice Wheater throwing his top into crowd last night.....any relevance?
  8. anthonyj

    Bolton v Reading

    Of course it doesn't help.....but do you know what, sometimes the fucking pressure relief valve blows as it did tonight. Parkinson has been very very lucky that all the off the field issues have covered up his record. He's had that coming and tonight he is reminding me of Freedman with his comments about being shocked by the fans reaction.....we're shocked at his complete incompetence. It isn't solely the fact He's brought the youngster off....its the fact that he continues his like for like substitutions expecting anything to change. The argument about 'saving' the young lad from picking up an injury through fatigue would have more merit if he had taken the same action with other players throughout the last 3 seasons when they had also been blowing through their arses.....but he didn't.....and we have conceded more than our fair share of late goals due to his inability on these occasions to see what was glaringly obvious. Anyway, everyone has their own opinion of Parkinson......truth is, the club is truly dying under his leadership......and that's backed up by all the relevant statistics.
  9. anthonyj

    Dickheads/Oddballs who sit near you

    Half time a few years ago....... just looking at a normal middle aged bloke having a coffee....as you do! Anyway...."who let the dogs out" song comes on the tannoy......previously 'normal' looking bloke then starts shouting at top of his voice "who who who who"......then goes back to drinking his fucking coffee as if it was totally acceptable behaviour.......the wierd fucker!!!!!!
  10. anthonyj

    78 Promotion

    What about pin striped jeans and Ivan Lendle trainers?
  11. anthonyj

    78 Promotion

    Don't forget Dam Yankees !
  12. anthonyj

    Transfer Gossip

    Course it is! Surely that is one of the few things that can be improved by training and practicing during the week until it improves. Big Sam has forged a successful managerial career on the basis of firstly getting divers in to get the free kick (Diouf) and then getting a good delivery and goals of set pieces! One time, everyone was shit scared of our set piece plays.....they knew what was coming, but could do fuck all about it!.......So yes, free kicks are all about how they are managed, both on and off the pitch.
  13. anthonyj

    WBA home

    Ian Moores.......now you can all fuck off..........THAT miss still gives me nightmares. Then to top it off the cheeky bastard goes and scores the opener at Charlton.
  14. anthonyj

    WBA home

    Cheers Dave....i remember getting home as a teenager at stupid o'clock and thinking I'll never go again......wish I had'nt (not really).
  15. anthonyj

    Sweaty Ken

    Correct mate.....fan apathy is what is killing our club.

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