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  1. anthonyj

    Taken over?

    Page 666 .....this is going get nasty!
  2. Who said we are getting better??? We are where were are at the moment. I am just passing my opinion on a player that is very limited.
  3. He looked really composed in L1 mainly because most teams would only play a single striker (especially at Macron). This gave him and Wheater loads of time on the ball and also both had cover if they made a mistake. He looked totally out of his depth in championship though, quicker opposition, less time on ball. At times he looked absolutely frightened to death whenever he was anywhere near the ball. Most mistakes would be punished, leaving him with little confidence as season went on. Decent player at L1 standard but certainly not good enough for championship. Oh and that 'hamstring' in 1st few minutes at Blackburn......fuck off mate!
  4. anthonyj

    Taken over?

    Be very careful fellas, i've said exactly the same in previous posts....there's an awful lot of 'supporters' who don't take kindly to being called out. Any excuse not to go and it will be used to justify being a shitfan it seems.
  5. anthonyj

    Taken over?

    Red is for thr burger surely!
  6. anthonyj

    Taken over?

    You dirty cunt!
  7. anthonyj

    Taken over?

    Well done mate. BWFC staff will really appreciate your effort, as do I.👍👍👍👍
  8. anthonyj

    Taken over?

    Think everyone knew it would'nt last. If fact the home game against Birmingham was the biggest act of theft i've ever witnessed 😂
  9. anthonyj

    Taken over?

    If the administators need any advice on the younger players why don't they just ask David Lee. Phil Parkinson would'nt know a good player if he came up and slapped him across his expressionless face.
  10. anthonyj

    Taken over?

    If you've got a chink at your window you'll soon have another at your door. Coz mister Wu's an air raid warden now 😂😂😂 George Formby
  11. anthonyj

    Taken over?

    Thats what i was trying to say in a previous post, aiming mostly at the older end........... got called a fucking snowflake though! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮
  12. anthonyj

    Taken over?

    That Norwich City fan who posted a while ago made a great point. He said they targeted younger supporters with cheap season tickets when they were struggling with dwindling attendances. Basically got young fans in for nothing so that they buy into the club for life. It also goes without saying if we did this we would need a more attractive product than at present to keep them here. Looks like that strategy has worked well for them. I know they hav'nt got the competion for fans that this area has, but if think woukd be merit in this plan for us.
  13. anthonyj

    First time

    Cheers bud 👍
  14. anthonyj

    First time

    Sorry.....posted exactly the same match. Had'nt seen yours pal.😂
  15. anthonyj

    First time

    Greaves's last minute goal against Spurs.....promotion season. Burnden heaving. Hope you've got that Paul, tap in right at end if i remember correctly. Place went absolutely mental!
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