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  1. Heart felt condolences to his family and friends. socal.
  2. First of all great result today many had us down for a loss (they not me must have been being realistic) Great to see that Megson can make a change and that being the player who turns in a goal!! Congrats!!! Now back to the question!! Q. what does he say...........??? A. Anything and everything that comes out of his gob!!! Have i made myself clear?? Just my opinion don't slate me for it but negative people don't achieve in my eyes!!! COME ON YOU WHITES!!!
  3. Is Gartside bringing Sam back???
  4. Hey Bolty58 i understand fully!! I don't like Megson thought his appointment was a joke at first and want to confirm i would NEVER make signs or bring bedsheets etc.... I support Bolton regardless of who's in charge but in my opinion i thought the likes of Gartside & Davies could have chosen a better candidate!! I hope we are safe but what irritates the hell out of me is the PR person at the club because to me Our Manager should be upbeat at all times and coming into the interviews with a positive attitude not talking about the possibility of dropping into the relegation scrap. Villa can be beaten and i expect a good game Saturday!! COME ON YOU WHITES!!!
  5. Bolty58 you Should be on stage pal....... sweeping it!!!! This is not a wind up!! All i am saying that as a fan of the club we deserve a better calibre of Manager!!I am sorry if Megson is related to you but the fact of the matter is that sometimes the Truth Hurts. All in my own opinion, but lets leave it has i am not wanting to change anybodys view but if you feel that spending the sort of money that he has had at his disposal plus the fact that we still could be in trouble with 5 games to go!! please then explain how that in your eyes is an improvement??? I am new to the forum and just want a good debate. I am here for the long term... No wind ups!! Just want the best for our club, support regardless of personal feelings towards current management but still have a right to view my discontent with the current standings and football on offer!! If we win Saturday Fantastic!!! Come on you whites!!
  6. What a waste of an education!!!! come on you whites
  7. Thats great but for me imho has he took the club forward from last season to date??? I just don't like how he approaches each game!! And lets face it his interviews are the most depressing stuff ever!!! I like motivational managers not glass half empty blokes!!! Latest interview talking about possible relegation with three home games left...... COME ON!!!!!
  8. Go on them Tombwfc would you like to name possible suitors?? Or are you all for Megson staying at Bolton?? I do Know Mourinho is hinting at returning to the Premiership!!! That would be my suggestion!!!
  9. Any Bolton Fan is a friend of mine!!!
  10. Thanks superjohnmcginlay i will have a good read!! hey well!! new to the forum and already making myself look like a silly boy !! ( i kept it clean) no doubt i will have a laugh at other things put on here on what i could have called myself!!! (be nice) COME ON YOU WHITES!!
  11. Can't seem to get this poll working!!! Never mind!! I am going with Kevin Davies. He is our captain and since taking the armband seems to have added to his whole contribution to his game!! Sorry about the poll i am not very good on the ole tinernet lark!!! COME ON YOU WHITES!!!
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