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  1. John Thomas

    Take Over

    Has Andersons debt he built up got anything to do with it?
  2. John Thomas

    Take Over

    Best to be indifferent when the club on its arse and facing oblivion .
  3. not blaming Ken ,you are daft
  4. In Ken we trust. Team Ken. Remember he was the only show in town. Just wish the real villains ST, Lies and twitter fools only realise that.
  5. Don’t expect this thick brainwashed Ken lover to see reason.
  6. John Thomas

    Take Over

    Yeah like it wont be an improvement on this cancerous egomanic chancer who is an absolute disgrace to the name of BWFC
  7. Quite rightly he takes a big wedge whilst failing to pay wages and not fulfilling contracts. A bit naughty when you are trading insolvently.
  8. Its always comforting to read the positive Ken remarks on here when u start to worry about the way things are going .
  9. Given the state of the players mentality when they were relegated to league one then they could have easily floundered mid table like charlton/mk dons , Parky did a great job of getting us up turning the club around. U need to give your head a wobble if i think we should be near the play offs.
  10. Well done for interpreting my comments correctly, ken doesnt want admin of course and stay long as possible but unless he gets a buyer he’ll run out of time . Does he suffer financially if admin happens ? Anyway things cant go on as they are.
  11. No surprise kens screwing the club till it goes into admin
  12. Fair point but i bet its the £1m signing of a striker thats got karl upset.
  13. Late 1970s, been to a number of away matches with him as well . He has a season ticket since 1985.
  14. How do you know they haven’t supplied? You are very touchy if someone doesnt agree with your views.
  15. The new business model , wriggle out of supplier payments its the future. Genius.
  16. Can’t understand why he’s saying he isnt pro actively trying to get investment/a sale done. Only waiting for these predictable chancers to kick tyres. He cant pay bonuses on time or put decent bids in so he is going to just oversee our return to league one. Smoke and mirrors all the time
  17. Really ? You’re easily pleased
  18. The Sunderland forums thought he was gash, and ran through treacle the times he played.
  19. Good to know your concerned with the average man in the street . Heard of twentys plenty?
  20. You seem obsessed with them, power envy maybe
  21. I thought he had a sustainable business plan presented to the EFL last year , thats without the bonus of the Madine money. Smoke and mirrors
  22. You’re spot on , Ken would never say we had any funds to buy players, with you on that
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