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  1. You tell me. We all think it's bullshit. Couldnt give a shit about us for the last few months. All of a sudden are wanting us to test. It's all about figures and targets. Oh and we got told we'd be getting a disciplinary if we refused. Nice.
  2. Home test has arrived this afternoon. Not one single symptom but all of the community staff are to be tested. Can't help to think they are a bit late with this
  3. Wanting to book this week for next summer. I need a kids holiday so I can sunbathe in peace. People are suggesting holiday villages but I'm thinking they look like Butlins in the sun. Any suggestions?
  4. What a massive pile of steaming shit this is 😂 off out for a few day time drinks in Manchester tomorrow and the little one is sleeping at her Grandma's. I'm not changing my plans because Boris and his mates can't make a decision.
  5. Lovely 'woman' kicking off in Breightmet health centre this morning as I was going into the office. Refused to wear a mask for an appointment. I love wearing mine. Noone can tell I'm mouthing 'fuck off you skanky twat' at them.
  6. Bloody scary that spa! Nip in occasionally got a coffee if I have patients to see up there. Always a load of scary 12 year olds outside who look like they want to mug me of my latte 🤣
  7. Booked into that tapaz in tomorrow night. Feel like I've not been out in forever!
  8. D3, E7. She looks perky!
  9. Really? Forget history?
  10. Don't come crying when it sucks your cock straight off.
  11. Get a shark. Don't put your knob in it. The end.
  12. I have a 9 month old Cockapoo. Been a bloody nightmare as a pup but seems to be calming down slightly now
  13. Shit, forgot I'd been to Cuba. Scenery and beaches where like a postcard. Food was shite.
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