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  1. Line manager. I'm speaking to unison. Whatever use they are
  2. Had the dreaded isolation text from daughters school. Shes 6 so obviously I have to be off with her. Work have kindly told me I have to use Annual leave or take unpaid leave. Cheers NHS, I've cancelled annual leave when needed, work extra when asked. I've put myself and my family in danger with your shit PPE and this is how I'm repaid when I need help. Some people have been off 4 times on full pay when waiting for covid results to get back (they where taking the piss and the bosses new this) im so fucked off.
  3. £18 for 24 cans of red stripe in aldi 👍
  4. Hate snooker, golf and F1 Love cricket, how can you not enjoy it?!
  5. I second this. Not be because Rudy was born though. The year I was born and made my mum and dad skint 👍
  6. They can piss off. Bought new kecks for this. Bastard Boris.
  7. Its alreet. I won't be paying either 👍
  8. Horrible fuckers would probably peck your eyes out.
  9. Never been arrested don't plan on doing either. Be fresh meat in prison.
  10. Ooh love a tapas. Went to campo blanco in Whitefield the other week. My new restaurant. Cheers 👍
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