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  1. White horse in LL. I was the shittest barmaid known to man but used to get cracking tips as a 18/19 year old!
  2. He best not have shot my lezza girlfriend!
  3. Would live to kick DCI Carmichael in the cunt. The cunt.
  4. Aldi crinkle cut roast beef and horse radish crisps. That strong they've removed the skin from my tongue!
  5. Always reminds me of Heaton Park when Roses came on. Absolutely off my fucking trolley I was. Didn't sleep for 48 hours and sat in the toilet on the Monday crying at work. Dickhead.
  6. Used to believe my Dad when I asked where Mum was 'Ran off with a black man' Racist bastard 😂
  7. That if you took the head off a dandelion you'd piss the bed. What the fuck.
  8. Not a clue. Being 18 I guess I was too old for him.
  9. Dealt with him and his dad alot when I worked in business travel. Pair of Bell ends
  10. Had a lovely time last night! Deffo recommend Roka at bradshaw 👍
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