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  1. Harwood Morrisons is like Cocoon! Stay at home you silly old sods!
  2. Bloody lovely up Bromley Cross 🙄
  3. Mines going through a stage of barking his fucking head off every night a few hours into me going to bed. He best stop it soon or he's off to Bleakholt.
  4. Cracking music though 👍 even if it is full of bumming
  5. It's a sin is on c4 at 9pm with some scenes filmed on Le Mans Crescent 👍
  6. Haha. I'm for a week after this weekend so will check before I go in gobbing off 👍
  7. @kent_whiteif a patient wears a c-pap. Shouldn't the staff be wearing a FFP3 mask? Boss argued with me today that only if they are covid+. I said it doesn't matter. What would you say? Tried finding the policies before I left but it was unclear.
  8. I like Horwich. Mainly because of that Greek restaurant. Is it still going?
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